The Only Thing You Need to Add to Your Stash


Primer, Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencils, mascara, false lashes, extensions, and clip-ons, how many will you add before you subtract from yourself? Simple math, the more you add to yourself the more you subtract from yourself. The more you subtract from who you are, taking away all of your flaws and perfect imperfections.

Many of us are guilty of using all of these beauty accessories on a daily basis. Some of us will never leave the house without at least one of them on. Why are we so attached to these products? It may be that we are attached because we use these products to produce a “better version of ourselves”. This new and improved version of ourselves will then get praised by our family and friends and get us the most attention and “likes on social media”. This version of ourselves is considered flawless, sleek, and for lack of a better word beautiful. With all the compliments and attention we receive from adding these beauty accessories I can understand how anyone would want to look like their “better version “ every day. However, there is nothing wrong with finding liberation and empowerment through makeup and other cosmetics.

Make-up is not solely used to dispose of flaws. The problem with make-up arises with the question, how do we feel when we take it all off? When you are in the comfort of your bathroom, and water washes the “better version” of you away, are you happy with what you see? Regardless of your answer, how many layers of these accessories did you add to subtract from the natural you?  It shouldn’t take the entire MAC cosmetics store to feel liberated or empowered. It should not take three bundles of twenty-two inches of indian remy extensions or ombre clip-ins to be considered sleek and flawless. Or “fleek” eyebrows with thick false lashes to receive praise from social media, family and friends. And it shouldn’t take a combination of all these accessories to create a “better version” of yourself or for you to be “beautiful”.

In order to be  beautiful nothing more than SELF LOVE needs to be added and nothing more than negativity needs to be subtracted. This is simple math, adding self-love into this equation lessens how much you feel as if you “need” to add to look beautiful. Subtracting negative thoughts and replacing them with self-compassion, no self-comparison and confidence will  help create a “better version” you seek. For beauty can not be sold in a jar, it does not come in a kit. It can not be priced, nor could it be bought.  The less you add to yourself the more you add to all the reasons why you are beautiful!