The Curly Road: What to Expect

Hey Curlfriends!

If your just beginning your journey or in the early stages of transitioning, you probably don’t know what to expect along the way. Don’t worry I was clueless when I began my journey, so I thought I would share journey month by month and give you an idea of what to expect along the way.

For starters I will admit that transitioning is hard work and a trail of one’s patience and for several good reasons….

1. Its going to take time to learn to deal with your natural hair and understand what it needs.

2. You are dealing with two totally different textures.

3. If your not using heat to manipulate the hair( highly recommended) styling is very challenging.

4. There will be people, even  family and friends that will think you are crazy for ditching your perm.

Once you except these factors, deal with them and move on, your journey has now just become a whole lot easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Months 1-2

These months are pretty easy, your hair is still feeling the effects of the creamy crack. It will be easy to comb, wrap and roller set.  I only got perms every 3 to 4 months so I was used to dealing with my hair in this stage. I began to experiment with styles that would require no heat or low heat while I was still able  to easily manage my hair.

Months 3-4

Here is where you may hit your first few bumps on this journey. If you are not using heat to manage your hair it becomes a whole lot harder and more time consuming. Your hair may begin to dry out a lot faster. The products that once worked for your hair, may no longer work. Generally, natural hair needs products that offer more moisture and needs less shampoo! Deep conditioning every week and wetting your hair with water and applying conditioner as needed to keep it moisturized in the morning and before bed, will make your hair a whole lot softer and it will began to hold moisture as well.

Months 5-6

Do we really need to talk about these months? I guess we do……well just when you think you have mastered natural transitioning, you will find out that there is a lot more to learn. You will find that your hair need oils and not only deep conditioning but also deep conditioning that offers protein to strengthen your hair. Trimming your ends will also help a lot, please trim your ends while you transition! Styling your hair will get much better because the more you do braid outs , rod sets and sock buns the easier it will get. Did I mention that detangling will be challenging, well it will!

Months 7-8

These two months will be a breeze, it will be easy to work with your hair because you know what you are doing now. The curls and waves that will be in your new growth, will give you the motivation to keep going! Don’t forget to clip your ends to prevent splits and deep conditioning it to maintain the strength of your hair.

Months 9-10

Most people big chop at this point but some are still holding on to their length. One thing I can tell you is either way, you have successfully accomplished something that most people are too afraid to even begin. These months will be very easy and you really know what your hair likes, you now know what styles to do that will work best and you will also know what products your hair needs and responds to. Continue to deep condition, trim your ends and moisturize twice a day.

Months 11-12, beyond!

I didn’t make it this far but my friends who did said it was just like months 9 to 10, but at this point they were ready to chop those straight ends off because they were  an inch away from being au natural!  At this point you know what products work for your hair, you know how to style it and most of all you know how to care for your natural hair.

What did you expect before embarking on your transitioning journey?

Please share your experience and let new transitioners know what to expect.