Show Some Leg: HOT Swimsuit Styles for the Summer


It is swimming season and you know what that means! It is time to pull out/purchase a hot swimsuit and make a statement. There are so many popular styles this season, but I must admit, I am pretty biased. There are some that I particularly drool over. Though you won’t catch me at the beach very often (I’m more of a cold weather kind of person), let me share with you my favorite swimsuit styles this season.



Want to be sexy and classy #atthesamedamntime? Ruffles are definitely they way to go. You can purchase a swimsuit with ruffles going across your shoulder or going down your chest in a deep-v, but just know that your options are endless.



Got fringe? No? Then maybe you need to. Nothing says hot and carefree like some fringe. Be sure to only wear fringe on the areas you want to emphasize because it can attract attention to these areas. For example, if you are uncomfortable with your midsection, try purchasing a fringed swimsuit top instead of bottoms.


High-Waisted Bottoms


Regardless of size, many women have some “problem” areas, however, these areas shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. High-waisted bottoms are not only SUPER flattering, but they also give you that retro vibe. They keep you covered, but will not compromise your sex appeal. For women who think they are stuck wearing frumpy swimsuits this season, they are definitely mistaken.



One piece swimsuits and other retro styles have become very popular Remember the days when you wouldn’t even entertain the idea of a one-piece suit? Well, those days are over. One pieces and high-waisted bottoms are IN and you also don’t have to compromise your plunging necklines.


What kind of swimsuits will you be wearing this summer?