Review: OBcessorized Monthly Subscription Service & Shop


Company: Obcessorized

Item Description/Quality:

For the most part, the items are quality pieces that came in the most precious box. I felt as though it was my birthday or Christmas and everything was also packaged so nicely.

My Experience: 

I was happy with most of the pieces, but unfortunately 2 out of the 4 pieces did not fit me. The sunglasses were too small for my round face and the ring was also too small. According to the website, you can fill out a questionnaire with your preferences so I would just hope that this questionnaire would also ask about your ring size, face shape, etc. Moreover, I also was not pleased that the bracelet was falling apart and turning colors after just a few hours of wearing it.

Like with every subscription service, you will receive things that work for you and some things that don’t. However, you have to option of just purchasing from the shop instead of purchasing an actual subscription.  I do enjoy that the box gave me an opportunity to try things (such as the ear cuff) that I wouldn’t have necessarily bought on my own, but I ABSOLUTELY love! Sure there are some pros and cons with this subscription service, but if you are interested in subscribing, persons who opt for a subscription will receive 4-5 items per month for $35. I think that is actually very reasonable for the amount of items you receive and the overall quality of the items.

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