Get The Silkiest Rod Set Ever


Hi I’m Tina Marie also known as Naturallyorz on YouTube. I started my channel two years ago to document my natural hair journey. Throughout my childhood, I thought my natural hair was ugly. I would cry when my mom wouldn’t give me relaxers. I wanted silky hair like the other girls at school. Fast forward to adulthood, 3 years ago I had surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks. YouTube became the thing that kept me from going insane. I began watching channels like the Jenell from BlakIzBeautyful and Whitney from Naptural85. These women owned their natural hair and finally I saw the beauty in it. If they could do it and love their hair, I could do it too. I started my channel to inspire women the same way I was inspired, through teaching self love and acceptance.

Flexi Rod Set Natural Hair Styling my hair has required lots of patience and trial and error. In the video below I share how I’ve gotten the silkiest rod set ever.