Don’t Be Cheap! 4 Hair Tools You Should Splurge On


An artist is only as good as her tools. Invest in quality and you’ll be reaping the benefits. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the following tools–it’s worth it!


If you ever cut your hair with cheap or blunt scissors you are doing more harm than good. Your hair can be left jagged ends which ultimately lead to split ends. The ends of your hair are more fragile due to aging, weathering and manipulation. A quality pair of scissors leave ends clean and sharp.  Shears can range from $20-$800.

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A more expensive comb or brush is made of better quality materials and will last longer. Your comb and brush is your life line. You will need these tools every single time you detangle your natural hair for the rest of your life. Consider these a great investment that can last a lifetime. Your beauty supply may sell combs for $1-$75.

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If you buy cheap dollar store bobby pins, you’ll pay for it in the long run. Cheaper pins tend to peel leaving sharp surfaces that snag your hair. Quality pins stay smooth and last longer which means their kinder to your hair.

sleep with a satin bonnet SILK SCARF OR BONNET

A night bonnet or scarf is every natural hair woman’s best friend. While investing in real silk may sound like a luxury, over time real silk will stand the test of multiple washes and thus remain smooth and, well, silky. Additionally, silk is extremely better quality than polyester. Wearing a silk scarf or silk bonnet to bed maintains moisture much better.  I purchase my silk bonnets for myself and my 1 year daughter from FlorBellaBoutique Save 15% with code KCCM13

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Share which tools you splurge on!