Blue Ivy’s Hair Is Perfect and You Should Shut Up About It


I don’t know if you personally have issues with Blue Ivy’s hair, but amongst most of the women that run in my circle, we have no problem with that babies hair.  I personally keep both of my kids hair in an afro and have said to friends and family that they are my babies and I’ll do what I want.  In an article written by Kara Brown over on Jezebel she shared that one of the host of BET, Karrueche Tran, cracked a joke about Blue Ivy and I think that is so distasteful!


Here’s an excerpt from her piece.

I cannot believe we have to have this conversation. Although I see it over and over again, I continue to be stunned by the complete lack of respect and utter disregard their wellbeing that is shown towards little black girls. With that in mind, I’m not sure why I expected things to be any different for Blue Ivy Carter.

When Jay Z and Beyoncé welcomed their first child into the world, there was naturally a lot of excitement. Two of the most famous humans on Earth procreated—of course we’re going to be interested. Initially, there were a lot of jokes about Blue Ivy but most were humorous takes on the observation that, wow, Blue Ivy is a newborn and already has a better life than I do. They were funny and lighthearted and didn’t make her the butt of the joke.

But as Blue Ivy got older and we began seeing more of her, some of the commentary shifted to cruel wisecracks about her appearance. The most recent and high profile occurrence came yesterday during an episode of BET’s 106th & Park when Karrueche Tran—who is known solely for putting up with dating Chris Brown–joked that Blue Ivy’s parents never comb her hair. Even though it obviously wasn’t written by her, the joke was unfunny and rude and stupid. Read more.

Why why why won’t people leave this baby?  She’s beautiful and doesn’t deserve all the negativity.  It’s so hurtful how in our black community people are so judgmental.  We are so cruel to each other about every single thing and I’m sick of it.  Not everyone is going to be light skin. Not everyone is going to have silky curly hair. But not having these physical traits doesn’t make you any less beautiful than someone who does.  Be sure to read the rest of the article to learn about some of the historical contexts and Kara discusses how Blue Ivy and North West are talked about very differently because Blue Ivy’s hair texture is nappy/kinky/textured.