Ask the Expert: How Can I Grow My Hair to Waist Length?


One of my loves on my Facebook fanpage asked the following question:

How can I grow my hair to waist length?

I refered to my dear friend Diane C. Bailey, an Award Winning Celebrity Stylist, Author and  Advocate, to offer some professional advice

Diane writes:

There are many different “fables” circulating the natural hair community about growing textured hair. Some of them are actually funny and entertaining. Like, “ How To Grow Your Natural Hair 5 inches in One Day” or “How to Get Super-Duper Long Hair Super-Duper Fast”. Let’s be clear, growing healthy hair is not magic, it’s a combination of biology, a science and a good hair care regime.

In general, hair grows about ½ a millimeter per day. Hair growth is determined by your hair’s growth life cycle, good health, texture or hair type, age, parental genetics, and hormonal balance. Healthy hair can grow any where from 6-9 inches in one year; however, even if your hair is the healthiest it has ever been, it may never reach waist length. If one of these factors for hair growth is not in alignment to produce long flowing hair then the likelihood of having waist length hair is reduced.

Aim for healthy natural hair, hair that reflects the best you. Create a clear and easy to maintain hair and health regime that will promote beautiful, strong and vital hair. Maintaining healthy hair should be your ultimate goal not how long it can grow.