Ask Jenell! How Often do you Use Protein Treatments?


Youtube watcher @kireihime07 asks in response to my video “Why I Use Protein Treatments & Demo

How often do you use this vs the aphogee 2 minute treatment?:
So do you use this instead of the Shea moisture masque?


I alternate the ORS Hair Mayonnaise (used in video above) and my SheaMoisture masques. I’ve actually been all of out this Mayo since Dec. So I haven’t been using this protein treatment for a few months, because I need to up my stash!

Don’t think of it as how often do I use this product over another, because there really is no science behind how I pick at all. When it’s time to wash my hair (1x a week), I either condition/deep condition with one of my favorite protein treatments or I use a another deep conditioner. I pick based on whatever I’m in the mood for, have time for, or just what’s still available in my stash.

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