5 Ways to Save Money on Your Hair Products


Besides the cold weather, most of us are worried about our finances. The economy is still sluggish (OK, it’s in the toilet) and as we worry about putting food on the table and keeping the lights on. Somewhere we have to maintain our hair. It seems we have to make grim sacrifices and too often that means cutting back on our hair products. Despite our hair not being as important as keeping the lights on and keeping gas in the car, it’s still a necessity that requires upkeep and products. I’ve come up with a few tips that will allow you to take care of your hair without hurting your wallet.

Use what you already have

Penny pinchers know that you use up what you have before you buy more. That just means use what’s in the back of your natural hair closet. If you are like me then you have some products back there that don’t get used as often. They are wasting space and money so use them.

Use less product (heavy handed Naturals)

Are you measuring each and every time you scoop out some product from a jar or are you just scooping? Probably the later. Take the extra second to gauge how much you really need to use and put back any extra before you apply it to your head. Many times we are using way more than necessary so if you use just what you really need you find your products will last as long as they are supposed to last. This is a great reminder for the heavy handed naturals (me included) that less is more!

Slack up on the expensive hairstyles or learn to do them yourself

Braids, weaves, wigs, straw sets, or just any hairstyle that requires you to seek a professional can be either eliminated or done by yourself. First off, added hair is not cheap. Even the synthetic hair is not cheap if you have to have a professional install it. You can find a cheaper stylist or you can even learn how to do it yourself. There are the thousands of YouTube as well as on this site, Natural Hair Rules!!! Scale down on the cost of added hair or expensive styles by not wearing them as often, doing it yourself or just eliminating it.

Swap hair products

This is becoming a growing trend where naturals within FB groups or websites are swapping products. This is also happening at Natural Hair Meet-ups and Events. It’s a great way to unload what didn’t work for you and hopefully find your staple product or something new. The money you save on swapping products can really add up and may save you room for what you really need.

And still another solution is donating gently used hair products to you’re local women’s or family shelter. These organizations always need products made specifically for women of color. You’re doing good and have a potential tax write-off.


You will always save more money by making your own products. No, you don’t have to become a scientist or make everything you need for your hair. You can make protein treatments, shampoos, conditioners and just about everything you need to maintain healthy natural hair. There are tons of recipes available for the DIYers so don’t feel you have to pay an arm and a leg for your hair.

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Another trick is to buy your oils from the grocery side instead of the hair & Beauty section of the store. The grocery side olive oil will be in a bigger bottle and cheaper than buying it from the hair & beauty section. Trust me…it is the same oil with a less fancy label. Don’t be fooled.

Be smart and savvy while we wade through our economic setbacks. Your hair is important but it doesn’t have to make you lose focus of what’s even MORE important. Pay your bills but not at the expense of your hair by incorporating these tips. You will still have haute hair with a few extra dollars in your pocket!

This article was originally featured on Natural Hair Rules