5 Best Ways to Care for Color Treated Hair

I get the question often if my hair color is natural black or do I use a dye. And I also get asked if I will ever dye my hair.  Yes, this is my natural black color and No I will not dye my hair. I won’t say never, but I will say I won’t dye my hair because I just can’t be bothered with the additional care required and honestly, I love my dark ebony natural hair.  I think it flatters my dark skin very well.  I’ve picked the brains of various stylists in order to gather that color treated hair needs additional care.  I’m just not with it.

With all of that being said, I want to support those of you that do have color or are considering dying your natural hair. In the video, I’ve gone into detail about the tips outlined below.
Please watch the video above for more information.

dye-curly-hair-red-natural hair- color Go To A Stylist

Your stylist is a professional and understands how to best select the right color, tone, low lights, and hightlights to give you a color that best suits you.  Let’s not forget, hair dye is a chemical and your stylist is well equipped to apply this chemical to your natural hair.

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Use Color Safe Shampoo

Shampoos that are Sulfate Free and that are made for Color Treated hair help your color last longer.

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Deep Condition

Hair Dye creates a high porosity environment for your hair, leaving your hair excessively dry without proper care.

Protein Treatments

When you dye your natural hair, your weaken the hair. Protein treatments add strength back to your colored natural hair.

Retwist at Night

Retwisting at night helps your hair to maintain moisture. Natural hair that is dyed dries out very quickly.  This is one way to keep your hair moisturized just a little longer.