What Would Happen If Everyone Were Natural?


What if we lived in a world where natural beauty was the norm? What if we were all confident enough to embrace our natural curls and coils. What if relaxers and perms became non-existent? This “natural” world will create self-assured, strong, confident, beautiful women. Growing up in this world children will see advertising that they can relate to. They would look onto the television screen and see someone that looks just like them. They would aspire to grow up to be just like them.

In today’s society children grow up looking at an unachievable standard of beauty. They see photoshopped images of women and are led to believe that these images are the norm. They are then left to believe that if they do not live up to the norm, there is something wrong with them. Then these children begin to compare themselves to their friends, family, and idols. However, their idols are not realistic, they are superficial ideas of beauty and a terrible representation of the norm. Their idols do not reflect them or most of society because they are powdered, sniped, tucked and transformed into an image feed to us by the media that not even the idol herself can obtain. Their family members aspire to be like society’s idols and their friends are aspiring to be like just like their family.

But what is a girl to try to be when everyone around her is trying to be everything and everyone but themselves?

natural hair mom and daughter Now imagine, this girl grew up in a world where her kinky curls were nothing but the norm. She was raised in a society where she is surrounded by women who looked just like her. Where the celebrities she idolized wore their curls with pride and proudly demonstrated their natural beauty for the world to see. Where her mother sets the example of what beauty truly is by being confident in her own skin despite its color. The women in her family do not feel obligated to wear pounds of makeup or have straight long hair to feel beautiful and her friends would feel just the same. She wouldn’t compare herself to collective images of the unattainable beauty. She would compare herself to her friends and family because there will  have distinct similarities. She wouldn’t feel pressure to look a certain way, or forced to fit in. She wouldn’t feel insecure in her beauty or worth because she see’s those who she idolized as the standard of beauty. The women who she would look up to, would be strong, confident self-assured women who embrace their natural coils and curls and their natural beauty. She would aspire to be just like them, not because she doesn’t look like them and aspire to be but because she is just like them.

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  1. LaNessa

    I am natural and so is my daughter. I have always taught her to accept her hair and for a while she always wanted to wear it straight. When she started seeing more kids and people on TV rocking their natural, she started to love hers again. She also loves when she goes out about people complement her on her hair!

    • naturalbeautee21

      This is so true. I have 4 daughters one of which is natural. She has 2 daughters that are natural.. One of them loves straight hair, but as she starts to see other kids natural curls she is getting more accepting of her own curls.

  2. MalloryLeigh McDougal

    Its sad that the world isn’t already like this for all little black girls, but we’re making progress (slow but not stagnant) and hopefully when i have daughters of my own they love their curls not only because of me but because they don’t want to be anyone but themselves

  3. kimberly brooks

    To me that would be a perfect world. I wear my hair natural and my daughter started soon after me. I did it at first because I wanted to use less chemicals . It soon became a statement of empowerment for me. A sign of self love that I had loss long before. Later it also was because I realized I wanted to empower other women and young ladies to love themselves and who God meant for them to be by returning to their natural hair. I wanted my daughter to realize how beautiful her own hair was and how greatly regretted relaxing her hair as child. I want her to realize she didn’t have to relax my granddaughter’s 3bc hair she just needed patience and time. It works! Its later 4yrs later and I will never ever put a relaxer in my hair. I love the way God made me from head to toe.

  4. Jessalyn Marshall

    Embracing ones natural hair isn’t for everyone. Just like your fashion sense, it would be boring if everyone wore the same thing.

  5. Antoyia

    Although the premise of this post is amazing, it saddens me that we as mankind will still be dissatisfied. We will find a way to dismantle the platform of a “natural world.” I’m just thinking about the disparities we already deal with. The light vs. dark skin…”good” natural hair vs. “bad” natural hair…kinky vs. nappy vs. wavy vs. curly. There will always be something…

  6. Danielle Stuckey

    Wel written article! If it starts at a young age then you are comfortable being you as long as everyone else is being themselves as well. By starting children early with all the make up and weave we teach them that it is not culturally acceptable to be different, natural and yourself for that matter.

  7. London Colvin

    I personally love living in a world where we as black women have the choice to wear our hair in any way we like. I think the perfection would come in, haveing the option to decide for yourself and not being condemned for making that choice.

  8. Kayree Simmons

    I really wish that we could get to place like this. Even if everyone did actually wear their hair natural (it really isn’t for everyone), would hope that the reason that those who chose to perm would be because of a hatred of how nature made them.

  9. Faith

    This is my most favorite article ever! My mother always had our hair natural growing up and now I really appreciate it! Since I have always been natural I never got used to the idea of having straight or processed hair. I love that I found this group and that it seems more women are going natural. It seems like it took so long for me to find other women that looked like me and I always felt alone.

  10. Renz Hanson

    Its slowly getting to tht point though! Someone convinced my sister to go natural, my sister conviced me n i convinced my mom…. Its definitely spreading.

    • naturalbeautee21

      Thats excellent. I have four daughters and one of them is natural. Little by little they are thinking about it. My oldest daughter has not permed in 6 months and wears protective styles. My second daughter says she will try it because she likes my curls and my second daughters culrs. lol so give it time and all of us will be natural

  11. Sandra Balanga

    It would’ve been fun, I see it happening here in my home country. It seems like every woman and some man are going back to their natural hair. Some think that this is a phase, I beg to differ, we are getting hungrier for knowledge on how to treat our hair without using harsh chemicals. Btw, thank you for the tutorials.

  12. Auset

    This was a good read ..especially for someone like myself. Who always tried to fit in”to the norm”..or what i THOUGHT was normal. But hey! I’ve grown up, and I LOOOOOVE MYSELF& I don’t need anyone else’s approval 🙂

  13. Edna

    It will be a dream come true if we all become natural. It will help boost self confidence and more people will respect and appreciate our unique hair textures.

  14. Shanay Fisher

    We would run out of all the great leave in conditioners… Lol jk! I believe this dream still can be possible by starting kids from young as you are doing with baby Elle! Self love will definitely be implemented and our young girls would aspire to do more research on our culture and history!!!

    • naturalbeautee21

      Great response I love that too. It would be nice to follow Elle and see if as she gets older like jr high and high school would she continue to have natural hair.

  15. Kamellia Jackson

    If everyone were natural I think some of the things going on in the world wouldn’t exist… Natural hair *such and such years ago (lol) meant empowerment… I think some of us have lost that

  16. Kiara Hines

    I hope that one day this will be true, if not in my generation then the next. If I have a little girl, I want her to feel everything about her hair and who she is as a woman that this article described. To be honest, I really do think we are on our way to that idea too.

  17. Charmaine Logan

    We would be more healthy, no chemical going in your bodies through your skin and we would put alot of people out of business

  18. Dede Smalls

    It would be beautiful to see everyone being their natural selves. So much less crazy conversation and comments about our hair.

  19. CLJ

    It saddens me to look around and see so many young ladies emulating women that go to great lengths to alter their natural appearance. There’s nothing wrong with weaves, wigs, and makeup, but there’s also nothing wrong with wearing the hair you were BORN with.

  20. Stephanie

    If everyone were natural, the real individual would come shining through. In my experience, being natural frees you, to BE you!

  21. Tiffany InspireMe Creatively

    I grew up not knowing that natural hair was an option. Surrounded by a predominantly white community, I honestly can’t remember not one person wearing their own. Perms were the only way to go unless you were mixed. It wasn’t until much much much much later in college that I was introduced to the natural hair movement. If I knew now what I knew then, I would have made different choices. I’m so happy girls are growing up knowing and emy racing their curls. It’s more than hair. It’s a revolution.

  22. Kamille Fields

    I truly love that so many women including myself have embraced our natural hair. I think all types are gorgeous and I hope that more women continue to switch over into the natural world

  23. Jasmin Troy

    I really love what the Natural Hair moment represents and stands for. It means that in a few years when I have daughter she can love her self in ways that I didn’t when I was younger. I remember when I was younger and all I looked forward to was being old enough to relax my hair ( why didn’t I love my own beautiful curly hair? ) I remember hating the way the relaxer felt in my hair and it always burned but I would still do it because my afro wasn’t presentable. Now though I’m glad that my youngest sister who is in Third grade won’t have to “look forward” to a relaxer because now she can see so many more women of color like her who reaffirm that show her her hair is beautiful just the way it is 🙂

  24. Keyayang Wallace

    If everyone was natural I think the world would be a better place. Less money spent. LesLess comparing. We all would embrace it. Number one we would be exactly how God made us.

  25. Mz. Nishia Star

    I believe that if everyone was natural, the world would be different. People with straight hair would fill stigmatized like we are now. I know it took me a while to accept my curls. I believe this is something that can be accomplished in the future.

  26. Leanora

    Ideally if it was the norm to be “natural” there would be less negativity with how women/girls perceive themselves. However I do think that there is always going to be someone somewhere trying to do something different.

    I do wish for more people to become happy with being natural because even today in 2015 there are young girls waiting for the chance to straighten their hair. I think one good way is for women with natural hair being represented throughout media. Especially women in lead roles of movies or tv shows.

  27. Nadine Cash-Eans

    I feel if everyone was natural, there would less judgment within our own race because everyone would be embracing their natural hair. Unfortunately, naturalistas tend to judge those who are relaxed, and vice versa and it is a shame, but in an all “natural” world, we would all be on a level playing field.

    And the mainstream media is starting to recognize the natural “movement” because lately, the majority of commercials I see that have Black men or women in them, are wearing their hair in a natural style.

  28. Zena

    I’m glad I decided to go natural after my daughter was born because it’s easier for me to deal with her hair since I deal with my own and it will help her with acceptance of her curls. It’s also really cute when we rock similar hair do’s

    • naturalbeautee21

      Wow that great, I have 4 daughters that are grown now and only one of them is natural. I wish I could do it all again so all of them could have experienced the natural world.

  29. Jylicious

    I have a tendency to watch post-apocalyptic type shows and movies…and I always crack up when the only black woman on the show still manages to have relaxed hair. It’s like…priorities? Water, food and relaxer…LOL!

    • joni

      YAAAASSSS! This is always my wonder too! Do they go to this well hidden stylist who does their relaxer when they are not running for their lives?

    • naturalbeautee21

      Well on the walking dead the one black girl Meshone she had dreads with a scarf on her new growth. When I saw her on the talking dead she had a short haircut with straight hair. So she was wearing a really funky wig. lol

  30. joni

    I truly believe that we will get to this ideal one day. At some point people will wake up to themselves and love themselves as they are. Until then we have to keeping push positive imagery even in the small capacity that we are.

  31. Born overseas

    I do think there will come a time where perms and relaxers will become nonexistent and people will have no choice but to go back to natural

    • naturalbeautee21

      Thats funny I didnt think about that. Every one would be cowashing that would me that the manufactures of conditioners their sales would go thru the roof.

  32. shellon

    i think people with straight hair would want to have our curls{ i know some of them that do} and in that way we would make money by doing their hair,same way someone invented relaxer and some of us spending our last to have straight hair lol

  33. Bobbi

    I have wanted to go natural for the longest. What is the most pain free way to convert from relaxing without cutting all of the relaxer. I am not feeling the short hair these days.

    • Phylicia Williams

      Transition, meaning stop relaxing, and just gradually trim the perm off as ur natural hair grows. But with this option the two different textures creates a different problem. Depending on what ur natural texture is. Moisturizing is a must and know that where the two textures meet is the weakest point.

      • Bobbi

        Thanks Phylicia, that is my problem. I have a lot of hair but, it is fine and breaks pretty easily when I go too long without a relaxer- Around 8 weeks.
        Was wondering if there were products that help or if it is ok to press your hair while the relaxer is growing out to minimize the breakage.
        Thanks again for your response.

        • GetReal2014

          My hair is fine too. I want to go natural too but have been concerned about the transitioning process. I don’t do gels, fake hair, weaves, or anything because I feel that it would damage my hair.

          I was talking about this to my niece last week and she told me about a salon that specializes in natural hair. They don’t do relaxers or add ons. You could probably look it up on the internet. I’m sure there are places in your area that can help you. I know how difficult it is because I’ve never had short hair either, so it’s a daunting decision.

          • Bobbi

            Right? I want a big messy curly fro- that look is so beautiful and bad@ss to me.
            My nieces hair is like mine and her hair is beautiful natural so, I know O would love it but, I don’t want to go through the process of growing it out.
            There are a few places around here but I never go to salons without a referral. I know the dangers. Lol.

            I have actually had short hair before. Very short – and rocked it but, I have had long hair now for a while and short hair just isn’t me right now.
            I really know what to do. Cutting it is the best answer – I was hoping for a new discovery to help with the transition. I may have to just bite the bullet. Lol

          • GetReal2014

            I’m not sure what I want, except that I want it to be low maintenance. I actually hate hair and unless I’m in a professional environment I usually wear it pulled back. Whatever is the easiest to maintain will work for me. I actually like all of the natural hairstyles.

  34. Precious McKay

    Watching apocalyptic movies, I think there will be a time to come when everyone will be natural because there won’t be any relaxers or beauty products. I guess if I live to see those stores days, I will be missing Shea Moisture products.

  35. Jametta Alston

    Before loving each other, we must love ourselves. Going natural is a great first step to affirming the beauty of self.

  36. Phylicia Williams

    My daughters have beautiful natural hair, but when my oldest constantly started wanting her hair straightened it made me rethink what I was teaching her with my relaxed hair. I went natural to show them that we are beautiful,and unique just the way we are.

  37. Jasmyn

    Living in a society where everyone was natural would be super amazing! I believe that natural beauty is the best.

  38. naturalbeautee21

    If everyone were natural would be kinda strange I think Even though being natural is diverse. We can be straight, curly or what ever we like. But it white people would be natural what would mean that those with straight hair that has a perm would then be forced to go curly. I dont know I think that would be weird . lol

  39. Alucynda

    Growing up, my kinky 4a/4b hair was not considered attractive. It took me many years to begin the journey of embracing the hair God gave me. Am I fully there? No. But slowly I am weaning myself from the blowouts and Keratin straightening. It’s a journey to understand your natural tresses after years of seeking silky straight strands.

  40. Deborah Love

    I’m a mature curlie who spent 20 yrs with natural hair ‘back in the day’. To my generation, it symbolized unity of mind, spirit and goals because we were speaking,living and breathing freedom and equality. Today, I hope hair goals are to express your beautiful natural crown in whatever you chose to say I’m proud of who I am.

  41. Domonique Robinson Brown

    I have been natural for 2 yrs, I remember growing up and family members telling me how thick and dry my hair was so they relaxed it at about 12 but only once a yr… Now that I’m natural they tell me how pretty and curly my hair is haha… I love that the people my daughter are around majority of the time are natural and she loves to wear her puffy hair ad she calls it! Maybe by the time they all grow up they might live in a world where everyone was natural!

  42. Teresa D Simmons

    Everyone should be comfortable and creative in their own styles to represent themselves the way they see fit, be it natural, permed, weaved, shaved. The beauty of differences is uplifting.

  43. Thali Thali

    Ive been natural since high school. I used to twist my hair to get a specific controlled look as I wasn’t completely comfortable with my natural untamed curls. I now have embraced my curls and feel the crazier the curls the better.

  44. Nivona Holmes

    Everyday I get more and more comfortable with my natural hair and I hope through my growing confidence my daughter can see the beauty in her natural hair.

  45. Lisa Arnold

    What would happen if everyone were natural? It DEFINITELY would be a beautiful thing! Everyone would be comfortable in their own skin, embracing their self-love. Sharing experiences of their natural journey. No worries of trying to compete or compare themselves to the next. Also encourage to have a healthier lifestyle. Let’s face it, the NATURAL’s are taking over the world? I’m glad that I have embraced this cultural movement. Would LOVE to see EVERYONE natural. Although, I think we’re just about there. Every where you look you see a beautiful natural woman.

  46. Tamica Reynolds

    I believe we would have people who are sick less …. having a positive view of yourself often lessens your stress level and will keep you motivated to get moving and stay healthy (inside and out). If people felt comfortable with being natural they would probably feel free to be more creative too and use what they have to create instead of trying to keep up with everyone else.

  47. Shanea Denise

    So true everyone in my family everyone has waist length hair. My mom always went to the Dominican salons I would see younger girls with straight hair leaving with doubie wraps. At 13 I begged to get a press and curl because I thought I would be prettier with straight hair. I was tired of wearing braids( extensions). I never knew anyone who wore their hair natural with a texture like mine. It was considered outdated a thing of the 70s hipppie. I think I even believed people with straight hair had long healthy hair. I thought that was my ticket to healthy hair. When I do decide to have children they will know and see it from me first hand.

  48. FireMama_x3

    this is a major reason i went back to natural. my oldest daughter was getting caught up in the european standard of beauty and begging to be like all the actresses she liked on the Disney channel. i refused to perm my daughters’ hair and finally decided the next best thing was to be natural myself. i big chopped and had a less than inch long twa. my oldest daughter didn’t like it, but she eventually got used to it and started embracing her own hair as a result of my change. my younger daughters have only ever embraced their own natural hair.

  49. Danielle LakersCrabbe-Bethune

    I’ve worn every hairstyle from a Jheri Curl (Jerry or Jeri) to flat twists, 2 strand twists, micro braids, weaves, relaxers, loc extensions and locs. You name it I had it. Nothing made me happier than shaving all of my hair off for now the 4th and last time (Big Chop 2/5/14). I haven’t permed my hair since September 2013 and I will never go back! My hair feels great! I have 4c hair and my length is almost 5 inches. My husband loves my natural hair. When I met him almost 15 years ago, I had all of my hair cut off and dyed red. If everyone were natural, women would embrace their beauty more and more men would appreciate it.

  50. Jackie Penn

    This article really hit home with me. I wish more young women were taught at an early age to love their natural beauty. At an early age I was taught that natural hair was not pretty or unacceptable. After seeing more and more women embrace their natural hair, I big chopped after 20+ years of having relaxed hair. Returning to my natural hair made me appreciate and love my true self. I love that more women are embracing that part as well. Years ago it was rare to see women with natural hair in magazines or tv, but now we are starting to see women that look like us in the media. I hope that more and more women know that true beauty is loving who you are.

  51. Monee Pretty Blessed Johnson

    i believe if everyone went natural, we would be a more united and accepting people. Everyone would look the same yet different. Children would grow up to appreciate themselves, which would result in more self confidence. There would be less self hate because of how the media portrays us. I am all for everyone becoming natural.( less chemical relaxer sales?)

  52. Jennetta Rose

    I’m growing into the natural look and wish I grew up loving my natural tresses. It was just so much easier to put the chemicals in to tame the hair, or braid it, or put a weave in, or wear a wig because I can just wash and go. Now I’m learning to work with my hair and love the process.

  53. asaana

    Beauty exists on a wide spectrum of looks. Nowadays kids are taught that beauty has one look: white and straight hair. They think that in order to look beautiful they must do these things to get recognition. But they don’t and they are beautiful just the way they are. we as a society should learn to embrace everyone

  54. Shannon Manning

    I think if everyone went natural, it would be really cool, people would be more acceptive to each other. Because being a natural haired woman it’s very exhilarating and refreshing! If everyone was natural there would be great conversation and I love natural hair conversation! ?

  55. Khristina Harris

    I think if everyone went natural little black girls would be proud of their hair instead wanting straight hair. My daughters always want me to straighten their hair. They are the reason I went natural.

  56. Melody McClain Brown

    Oh the money we could save and put towards investing and doing things for our communities.

  57. Chasity

    It would definitely be an immediate confidence booster. It would also unite the black community even further

  58. Alfrie Davis

    think i would have grown with more confidence in my self and not focus so much on my appearance keeping me back from a lot of things. one day when i have a daughter i hope to raise her in a environment that promotes self love daily.

  59. nessa234

    I like this article because it talks the truth. At a young age children are at the stage where they believe in what they see is what true beauty is not knowing that the beauty they see is just a cover up of true natural beauty. I am so thankful for the natural hair movement because we are at an era where black women are support each other to embrace their true beauty. I was a little girl that could not accept my naps so i permed my hair. Now i am natural and realize that i dont have to be something that i am not

  60. Leigh Burns

    I’ve recently big chopped after 18 months transition–and I would say if the world were original natural, we would be back to what God originally intended when Adam, Eve, and Jesus were on earth. It would be quite simply. No chemicals-no debate-no envy-no jealousy-it would be as when Eve was first created on earth. She had no idea to love or hate her hair–she just had it on her head, and since she was created by God (in my religious belief, not pushing on anyone else, just my belief and opinion) she had no idea that anything was wrong with her hair. For that matter, it seems that as Jesus walked around as man growing up in the middle east 2000 years ago, he apparently had no idea that his coarse wooly hair was a problem either. Lol. Go figure. And he got around quite nicely without arguing over hair and debating if his texture was good, or right (although He sure had a heck of a time convincing the naysayers about all the other things he preached about :))

  61. Melody

    If everyone were natural, women would have no choice but to embrace their natural hair and love it, and raise their daughters to do the same, we would be much more united and not divided; there would be so much sisterhood bonding, workshops, natural hair salons, natural hair stylists, women wouldn’t embrace weave so much, men wouldn’t be able to see some much fake hair all over the place, we could work anywhere without being discriminated over our hair, etc. etc. Our natural hair community would make an incredible impact on the world through our natural hair and we would ultimately change our society’s way of defining beauty.

  62. Judy

    In my opinion, in a world of curly hair, there will be a group of women just like us that would go beyond society’s norms and embrace straight hair. It would just be the opposite. To be connected in someone society says is not normal and not beautiful. There would be more out there for us on this world like products, hairstyles, more media coverage, etc, but those with straight hair would feel left out of the mix. I rather live in a world where whatever you have is beautiful and how all hair types are celebrated as something beautiful to have, not just one type.

    • queenbee9

      Actually..those with naturally straight hair would be natural too. Natural for them.

      it would not be the norm. There is something very disturbing about humans seeking the herd mentality…ergo wanting everyone to look or be like them in order to be OK in their own skin.

      The truth is..we already have envy and jealousy in the Natural hair movement. Those with looser curl patterns are often envied by tighter coiled hair ladies and they often chase products to get a similar look.

      Who is everyone kidding?

      What would be nice is a world where all hair..skin.noses..shapes are celebrated and there were choices for all.

      That would be called Utopia and even then there would be comparisons and angst. Human condition

  63. Cynthia Mobley

    Wow! If everyone was natural, their would be a greater acceptance and appreciation for natural hair. I also thinks tt their would be a wealth of information available. I have noticed within the past five years that their seems to be more people going natural.

    • queenbee9

      There would be hate and jealousy when 4cs found men preferring 3cs or girls with 3b hair over their own hair.

      True confidence and love comes with excepting yoursrlf..not having everyone around you to validate what you look like. THAT is just pitiful wishful thinking.

  64. Kenyetta Hayes

    So what if the world was natural? I get the whole natural ” movement” because I am natural and I think it’s great. However I feel that it is only one part of a much bigger movement of love for oneself and of acceptance of oneself that needs to happen. Whether you have natural (unstraightened hair) or dyed hair or wear a weave or thick hair or thin hair or long hair or short hair. There will always be the interest in looking different. But that is where the understanding and loving of yourself enough to be able to try different looks and still love yourself no matter what your hair is like. “I am not my hair” ~India Arie

  65. Erika Nikole

    I truly can relate to this article. I was one of those girls who thought straight hair was the norm. I got my first relaxer when i was 9 years old and my hair was breaking off each year. I wanted to look like someone else for years because i didn’t like the way i looked in the mirror. I’m glad those feelings and days are gone now. Every since i went natural, i had more confidence in myself than ever. I’ve even inspired my little cousin because of my hair. She wants my curls. I tell her all the time that she does have the same hair that i do but a different texture. She didn’t believe me at first until i shown her some pictures of other little girls with natural hair on IG. We even watched a few YouTube videos. She was just so happy to see other little girls with natural hair. She was happy to know she wasn’t the only little girl with her hair texture. It really made my heart melt to know she was happy. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article!!!

    • Alicia Wilson

      Same here!!! I wish there was the same amount of education and information about natural hair back then that we have now. I’m still learning how to properly take care of my and my daughters hair. But I’m glad I decided to be me and not conform to what society says is beautiful.

      • Erika Nikole

        Amen Alicia!!! God blessed us with the hair on our heads and we should embrace it. If other women don’t agree, then that is their choice. I will not judge them.

  66. chicarra

    I feel that being a woman of color I have been given a gift from God to to as free or as creative as I please with my hair not every race has that option. I’m raising my daughter to be proud of what she was given and I make sure to let her know to never be ashamed of her kinky curly hair embrace it.

  67. Sharon D Johnson

    The totally “natural” world might not necessarily “create self-assured, strong, confident, beautiful women.” This idea is no different than presuming straight hair (or new Loubous, or a designer car, or an expensive home, etc) would make us more confident and self-assured. I have been natural only 1/8 of the time that I had relaxed hair. My sense of myself has been the same, and my love for my hair has been the same. I’m sure if everyone were natural, we would find some other thing to measure ourselves with. Our focus should be on being self-assured, strong, confident, beautiful women as inner qualities. The outer will follow suit.

  68. Alicia Wilson

    I think it would make it easier to rock the natural. I just recently returned natural after having relaxed hair since I was 5. It’s the best decision I could’ve ever made. At first I was apprehensive, but now, I get so many compliments and my daughter loves it( which is the reason I went back natural) I don’t think I will ever relax my hair again!!!

  69. Shamieka Mason

    This is my second go around for being natural. At first my coworkers didn’t accept it so I changed back and now I’m at it again. It’s manageable and my identity as a woman. I love it.

  70. Erica Amaning

    what i feel like what would happen if everyone was natural is that there would be no discriminating natural hair. since everyones natural. also i feel like everyone could feel good in their hair as we would have to embrace our look and love it. i recently big chopped about 2-3 weeks ago and i love it and feel free even though i still have some relaxed ends. i asked my mom why she decided to relax my hair when i was young, and she told me it was too hard to manage. when im older, i would never relax my hair.

    • queenbee9

      ..so naturals with “har” that was naturally short and cottony would not envy and compare themselves to larger silkier curled hair like Taryn Guy’s?

      Who are we kidfing?

  71. Sandra Vaughan

    I’ve relaxed my hair a few times now, and the more I do it, the more I regret it afterwards and miss my curls. I haven’t done it in a while and think I’m done with relaxers because my curls always seem a little different when they come back. they’re just not the same, hopefully with enough conditioning and patience one day they’ll return to their former glory

  72. CoilySue86

    That would be a lovely world to live in. It would be so much the better. There would be less depression and other mental issues enabled by feelings of inadequacy. Less deaths from suicide and complications from cosmetic procedures. We wouldn’t have to worry about telling our girls that they are more than just a piece of meat and we wouldn’t have to tell our boys that women are more than objects to drool over…because they would just know. It would be a way of life.

    Confident girls raised by confident women, in turn raise confident girls and boys. Boys raised by confident women, will become more confident as husbands and fathers.
    There is much that would come from this idea and I would like to see that happen.

  73. Charee Mason

    If we all went natural, it would be awesome because we get to see all the beauty of our hair, our kinks and curls. I’ve been natural almost five years, and my 14 year old daughter came back to me saying that she wants to go natural again, but natural & straight.

  74. Brittney K Harris

    If everyone were natural the world would be a better place lol but seriously, the younger generation wouldn’t have so much insecurities with themselves and leaen to love what God gave them. In my opinion….

  75. Roy-yunna Thomas

    It sounds wonderful, I remember getting my first perm at the age of 11, I remembered how long it was and how excited I was. This is my second time going natural since then and let me say this I’ve never felt so free when I came to my hair. I have no fear when my hair gets wet because I just got a perm. In fact I wash my hair every chance I get. I’ve only been fully natural for a year but am loving it. There’s no turning back for me

  76. Candi Supersweet Stressfree

    It’d be amazing if everyone suddenly embraced their natural hair. I try and encourage my friends who aren’t to try it out, but most of them aren’t ready or are self conscious about it still. On girl told me the natural look is not for her. I didn’t have any more words for her about the subject after that. We have come a long way but we still have so far to go.

  77. Chanel

    It would be great then everyone could be themselves without feeling like someone is going to ridicule them just because of their natural beauty.

  78. Kaithra Shaw

    If everyone went natural, for sure perm and relaxer companies would die out. It took me so long to feel beautiful in my natural hair. When I have a daughter relaxer and flat iron will be far from her vocabulary.

  79. Alia Johnson

    Love this article by Liv! I like the idea of it, I would love to live in a world of all naturals, it would be so peaceful and interesting in my opinion. We will witness more avertisements,commercials and models empowering their natural hair!! (I will be amazed by the models rocking their natural hair on the runways and in photoshoots) Most important no judgements of one another (separating or indicating of what is beautiful or seen as beautiful in society) and we will have a healthy regime, chemical free!! We won’t have to change ourselves!!! No more hiding and feeling embarrass of our real hair; more positivity, empowerment,self love, confidence and exceptance of one another!!!!!!! sign me up for a world of naturals!!!!!!!

    • queenbee9

      It would not be peaceful. Skin color issues and coil envy would take over. You would have naturally 4c chick’s giving the side eye to 3c chick’s and people with naturally shorter cottony textured hair having self esteem issues about those with hair like NaPtural85 the envy..self esteem issues would keep gping..just who envied who would change.

      Black women need to find themselves and stop trying to find groups to hide in.

      When you have a strong sense of self. ..you can walk among any people and feel not only unafraid and confident but celebrate who you are. .. and this can be done no matter WHO you are around Or what they look like.

      we all need to get MISSED by the “poor pitiful us…we need our own club bs” the is soooooo weak

  80. Ceondrea Phillips

    I agree with this article.There’s that saying that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ …. which is very true and yet, due to the influence of the media and ‘idols’ the beholder’s opinion of themselves can be belittling. I believe that people first need to love and accept themselves for who they are and, what they look like. I believe that children need to understand that people on t.v. aren’t perfect and, have flaws like every other human being. I was reading comments from a post made on Facebook from Kinky Curly Coily Me! One of the commentators was a woman and, she said that she was tired of being called nappy headed or just nappy. As a kid I heard that A LOT. I heard a lot of bad things about my hair. Then I looked at straight people’s hair and wanted it. I saw with media that their hair would flow in the wind and that would make them look beautiful to me. If me and, my husband ever have a kid I will be in awe of his or her hair. I will tell them ‘wow… look at that beautiful hair. It’s gorgeous!’ I’ll tell them so often that they will never think otherwise. I wouldn’t just be like that about their hair but, also about them in general so they can have that confidence but, yeah lol this article kind of really made me think.

    • queenbee9

      So..what would “we” do about skin color issues or with blacks who had looser coils or straighter or silken textures?

      We would still have issues as darker skinned people or kinkier haired people still saw a gravitation of those they wanted to a different hue of skin or texture of hair even among blacks.

      Are we so broken and pitiful that we really need only those who look like us around us?

      Will we need separate hair typing groups to stop the 4cs envying the 3cs among us?

      Wanting only those like you around you is a herd mentality and is for rougher animals than humans.

      IF we could have only naturals around us..what is to stop a new hierarchy of Taryn Guys and Traci Ross at the top and Cisely Tysons at the bottom? Then. What?

      Humans have a natural tendency to both categorize and compare then elevate and denigrate.

      That tendency does not change even if everyone in a group is the same race. It just goes to skin color..hair texture..big boo or big eye club.certain lip or nose shape club..etc.

      black women need to remember just who and what they are not what other races and the media try to tell them they are. TURN OFF THEORY TV..READ BOOKS NOTHING MAGAZINES and celebrate themselves instead of chasing images to try to win at a game that they did not invent nor do they control

  81. Ceondrea Phillips

    I guess I am still a bit insecure about my natural hair even though I wear it natural. My husband is in love with it no matter how it looks lol. He loves it most when my hair is natural but, he will still love it if I do other things to it. He doesn’t want to see me perm it though, which I think is really sweet. Plus, each time I have tried perming it my hair would break off and fall out so… yeah lol.

  82. queenbee9

    I guess i am wondering when we as black women seemed to collectively become a group with battered self esteem and insecurities.

    i am 54. I never wanted to be white or have white girl ANYTHING. Except…maybe more clothes.

    I never doubted my own allure or beauty or dark chocolate complexion. I grew up in a household of lighter skinned people who called me names or said I was adopted due to my looking different (we all have the same parents).

    In 2009 despite being pointed at as the least attractive females by a Psychology Today article; we had the highest self esteem of any women of any race…white women had the lowest.

    Then began a stronger campaign to depict black women as men..llesbians..monsters…loses or absent in media while praising black men.

    We got the Tommy S. People full of self hatred who blamed black women for their own failibgs..and out of the wood work stepped tons of black women hating or doubting themselves and singing the very long..self pitying songs.

    WHEN? WHY?

    WE sound so broken up and pitiful. A world like the author described could only be possible in an all black society with no access to media of any sort.

    The lighter and silkier haired blacks wouldhave be separated and removed from the mix..u not..the silkier coils might be envied and sought after.

    Natural hair does not always mean linker hair as many 3 and 4th naturals can attest. It does not always mean long hair.

    Genetically..blacks can produce anything from bone straight hair to the tightest b b shots..and as many skin tones as well.

    WE MUST go back to having a SENSE I FOUND SELF. Low self esteem is how you see yourself.

    that’s it. How you DECIDE to see yoursrlf.

    It is a decision we can make for ourselves or allow another race to make. We can rely on the false messages of mefia

    • queenbee9

      What i am saying (darn auto correct on my cell) is that we each CHOOSE how to both see and evaluate ourselves.

      if we are so lost with no sense of self that we swallow the messages of another race or the negative within our own race…we need to ALWAYS REMEMBER that we first had to open our mouths to get the mess they pushed on that spoon.

      We are all gorgeous and “natural hair” is simply hair with no chemical or heat manipulation.

      That will be straight hair or silk waves for some..coils..kinks or even instalock for others.

      The envy..jealousy…wishing for other would continue because people are drawn to what is different.

      if we all were natural we would not color our hair eithet. That is a chemical process that also changes hair chemical structure.

      Just how deep into the rabbit hole do we all want to go to “fix” an issue .that actually starts with each of us accepting who and what we are and look like and stop trying to find validation in consensus. That is a herd mentality..true liberation is a strong sense of SELF. Not validation in everyone around us being like us..or we trying to be like them.

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