Wash N Go Tutorial with Miss Jessies Coily Custard


Not that I need anymore natural hair products, but while shopping in CVS I noticed a new product by Miss Jessies, called the Coily Custard and decided to pick it up because it was within my budget and looked like something that could give me a good wash n go. I purchased it and couldnt wait to get home to use it. Check out the video below to see how I applied the product to my natural hair along with my results. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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  1. queenbee9

    I’ve used Miss Jessie’s curling custard when I was a loose natural.

    It was a few years ago and Target had a promotion. Even Wirth the sale the product was Hella expensive. I believed that I paid over 40.00 for the large jar.

    At the time, I thought my hair was a solid 4b. Later, I would discover that my hair was actually 3 to 4a with a small patch of 4b. In the early days, I was still learning what my hair needed and questionable product choices combined with improper technique can create false hair typing

    Anyhow tried the custard and was AMAZED at the transformation….but NOT in a good way.

    My hair, which seemed to love everything from Queen products to Shea moisture to Cantu products was a HOT MESS after Miss Jessie’s curling butter.

    It went on heavy and felt rich..when I undid my twist outs on one side (was product testing so only did one sife…THANK GOD) MY hair felt like stiff, wiry, neglected dolls hair.

    For the first and last time I had many single strand knots. My normally APL hair as only touchingthe top of my sshoulders and I could almost hear my head screaming.

    I tried spritzing…. NOTHING. Fingercombing…NOTHING. adding a touch of jojoba oil to combat the super dryness.then other pils…and what were those waxy grains throughout my hair and those plastic looking flakes?.

    I washed that mess out. IT TOOK AT LEAST 4 washings and subsequent dee condish to even begin to get my hair back to normalcy. That was 2012. I promptly returned that stuff and the other Miss Jessie products and got my money back.

    This may be great for some.
    .not for me. I STEER CLEAR of the entire brand

    best thing i ever did was 2 weeks of the maximum hydration method. (SKIPPED THE BENTONITE CLAY) then back to my regular care and products including that MUST: ice cold aloe Vera juice and water spritz after cleansibg.

    my hair has ended up stronger..healthier with crazy shine and length even in locks.

    People occasionally ask me about Miss Jessie products though most already know of my opinion.

    For me it is not just NO but hey all NO forever and ever amen.

    But that is because my very..very fine hair could not handle the pastes and what ever they have in there. Hair stories and product success/failures are personal.

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