Top Five Ways to Rock Thrift Store Finds


So in case you didn’t know, I am a thrifter. Actually, I call myself a thriftshionista but that’s an entirely different topic. If you follow my blog My Thrifted Closet, I showcase thrifted outfits. Though I’ve only been thrifting for about three years, I’ve become pretty good at it so I decided to share my top tips with you. Check out the video to help you learn how to rock YOUR thrifted finds. I’ve also included my top tips for thrifting! Enjoy!


How do you rock your thrifted finds?

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  1. queenbee9

    I’ve been thrifting since 1976. LOL. Back then a lot of rich people in college cities gave away great vintage furs and coats and it was not unusual to find antique hats for 5 dollars and fur coats (yes minks and fox furs) for around 30.00. You will rarely find that now. Now, I usually ebay to find vintage items and I only rarely come across thrift items at flea markets and antique malls. Thrifting is the ultimate in recycling because it is not just repurposing, it is actually using items the way they were meant to be used–as clothes.
    Some of my greatest finds: Tory Burch sandals, a knotted silk dress, a pure jade bracelet…chanel buttons . I am a fashionista and buy used and new designer clothes–I also buy estate jewelry and vintage Wragge and Lilli Ann. I have found Pucci bags, and Pierre Balmain tops… I have found lots of Perry Ellis and Sonia Rykiel. My best finds by far are bangles and furs. But the key to thrifting is OPPORTUNITY–I agree, don’t look for a certain thing, look for POSSIBILITIES. the other thing is to look at findings such as buttons. You can take an ordinary jacket, and make it extraordinary by changing out the buttons. I have cans and cans of antique and designer buttons. What can make or break an outfit better than a grouping of mother of pearl buttons or chanel buttons? I found a Courrege top that was waaaaay too small, but the buttons were to die for–I now have a new courrege top–one that could have been but wasn’t but is now–due to the buttons. If ever I am where you are, I’d love to thrift with you, I even have arranged field trips over 1200 miles away just to go–you got it–thrifting and resale shopping (for vintage and just anything amazing.

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