The Only Thing You Need to Add to Your Stash


Primer, Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencils, mascara, false lashes, extensions, and clip-ons, how many will you add before you subtract from yourself? Simple math, the more you add to yourself the more you subtract from yourself. The more you subtract from who you are, taking away all of your flaws and perfect imperfections.

Many of us are guilty of using all of these beauty accessories on a daily basis. Some of us will never leave the house without at least one of them on. Why are we so attached to these products? It may be that we are attached because we use these products to produce a “better version of ourselves”. This new and improved version of ourselves will then get praised by our family and friends and get us the most attention and “likes on social media”. This version of ourselves is considered flawless, sleek, and for lack of a better word beautiful. With all the compliments and attention we receive from adding these beauty accessories I can understand how anyone would want to look like their “better version “ every day. However, there is nothing wrong with finding liberation and empowerment through makeup and other cosmetics.

Make-up is not solely used to dispose of flaws. The problem with make-up arises with the question, how do we feel when we take it all off? When you are in the comfort of your bathroom, and water washes the “better version” of you away, are you happy with what you see? Regardless of your answer, how many layers of these accessories did you add to subtract from the natural you?  It shouldn’t take the entire MAC cosmetics store to feel liberated or empowered. It should not take three bundles of twenty-two inches of indian remy extensions or ombre clip-ins to be considered sleek and flawless. Or “fleek” eyebrows with thick false lashes to receive praise from social media, family and friends. And it shouldn’t take a combination of all these accessories to create a “better version” of yourself or for you to be “beautiful”.

In order to be  beautiful nothing more than SELF LOVE needs to be added and nothing more than negativity needs to be subtracted. This is simple math, adding self-love into this equation lessens how much you feel as if you “need” to add to look beautiful. Subtracting negative thoughts and replacing them with self-compassion, no self-comparison and confidence will  help create a “better version” you seek. For beauty can not be sold in a jar, it does not come in a kit. It can not be priced, nor could it be bought.  The less you add to yourself the more you add to all the reasons why you are beautiful!

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  1. LaNessa

    This is so true. If you don’t start with self love, you will never be happy with yourself. No one can love you if you don’t love yourself.

  2. Antoyia

    Oh, this is deep. What’s crazy is I specialize in skincare and makeup artistry?!?! But here’s what I’ve learned, makeup can truly be a mask. Regardless of how good you may look on the outside, if you are hurting (self-loathing, hateful, envious, depressed, etc.) at your core, that will come out. Most days, we need to do a self check-in, what’s going on inside? Look in that mirror and look at the real, authentic you. Do you love that girl? You should because I’m pretty sure she’s PHENOMENAL! Just give her a chance!

  3. Jasmine Nieves

    true beauty comes from within. I have seen cosmetically beautiful people, but as soon as they open their mouths spewing negative words… all the makeup in MAC store couldn’t mask the ugly that’s in their hearts.
    Make up is fun… I love it.. a fun way to change up a look… but honestly, most days I’m all natural. Love me for who I am… or leave me alone.

  4. Nads

    If we don’t love ourselves who will love us more…. Self love = no self esteem issues….we wont be looking for validation from others

  5. MalloryLeigh McDougal

    I don’t wear makeup but I understand what its like to lack self love, it comes in many forms. I hope this post encourages the readers to love themselves for who they are when no one is around

  6. Kayree Simmons

    Ivery never been I big makeup wearer, but I find myself buying items with the intent to try things I’ve seen but then never do. It true social media has certainly made me more self aware and I rarely post selfish and it’ll I do it has to be “just right”. The bombardment of media and the beauty standards shown to us do have an effect no matter how much we don’t want it to.

  7. London Colvin

    Idont wear makeup, so I can’t understand what it’s like to compensate my lack of self love with makeup. However I do understand being doubtful in yourself. I battle everyday to continue to fight my fight but anyone in need of a pick me up, just look in yourself in the mirror and say EVERY DAY at the least…I am beautiful.

  8. Danielle Stuckey

    I’m guilty of having sooooo much make up. I don’t know what I could eliminate. There are some days where I feel ok without wearing make up but then there are some places I could never go out without make up!! I honestly don’t know if I could eliminate anything. Sadly, I know this is a problem. Partially the mainstream medias fault for raising me and creating the idea of beauty before I was even born. I do believe that I am beautiful with or without make up I just feel more comfortable wearing it in certain places. I cannot be in a photo with a group of my friends who’s faces are all done up and mine is not! I can’t.

  9. Weslee

    This is so helpful, I’m trying to learn more about makeup it’s so much to take in. I am always battling between just enhancing my skin but want to cover up my imperfections during the transition. Self love as you stated is the most important aspect to have when thinking of makeup or a naked face.

  10. Ang

    I don’t really wear much make up. Eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss and I’m good to go. If it is a special occasion I’ll pull out my pressed powder.
    I do understand though you need to be comfortable with who you are and love yourself. The media is constantly trying to tell us what is beautiful and what we should do or strive to look like. Luckily I learned at an early age to be ok with me and not let other people’s opinion of my dark skin negatively impact or influence me. I was blessed with naturally good skin so I proudly flaunt it.

  11. Jerri Smith

    I love this. I couldn’t agree more! I am one of those people who wear makeup to civet imperfections on the inside and out. Once I began to work on myself I realized that I can use it to enhance my beauty. I still have self-confidence issues but I’m not in a place where I use makeup for fun and not a need.

  12. Sandra Balanga

    I used to think that I needed makeup to better showcase myself, first it was because of the scars left by acne, then it just felt comfortable to have it on for everything and everybody. I didn’t love the face on the mirror after I washed away the makeup. After I became more aware of the beautiful woman hidden behind it and feel in love with her… There was no going back to hiding 🙂 I still wear makeup but, 90% of the time I don’t and I feel great about wearing my skin bear in the sun.

  13. Tamara Simmons

    Yep….you can have alot of stuff but if you don’t have love for yourself everything else seems temporary. Love you….it’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

  14. Auset

    I was never the one to really be into makeup & probably never will be ! But , who said you need makeup to be beautiful anyway!

  15. Shanay Fisher

    I have never been the type to pile tons of makeup on my face!! I feel like my pores are trapped. Now dnt get me wrong I do wear makeup but it isn’t an everyday necessity for me! When I first did my big chop an African American girl with a weave down to her butt sd to me idk how you do that. I sd do what be myself?? I don’t need hair and makeup to show my true beauty! To you beauty is something different something unfamiliar! True beauty to me is being comfortable in my own true skin….snapped my fingers and proceeded with my day….lol

  16. Kiara Hines

    This is honestly so true. I’ve gotten a lot busier this year and I haven’t the time or energy to put on makeup. At first it was really hard for me. I hated looking at my face at the end of the day. I looked so tired and crusty, and completely different from when I was done up. As time went on, I really started to like the way I look without makeup. It was just a process that I had to go through and self love was the start of it.

  17. Kamellia Jackson

    I love the fresh face girls…. Don’t get me wrong I don’t see anything wrong with makeup because I will wear it myself but it’s not to hide my face its to enhance it sometimes when I just want to be extra lol

  18. KC

    i try to focus on self love every day. it helps when you focus on one thing at a time . for me, i first focused on my acne prone skin. once I found a great dermatologist and her regimen became a daily habit, i switched gears and focused on losing the weight i needed to lose. now, i’m focusing on ways to reduce stress. all are forms of self love. it helps to focus on one thing at a time so that you can master it and move on to something else once you’ve achieved your goal and found a great balance.

    • Erika Nikole

      I totally agree!!! Make-up is a cover up but i’m not going to judge those who wear it. I think it’s ok but not so much. Less is more like you said is the way to go.

  19. Tiffany InspireMe Creatively

    This is a fantastic post. I’ve tried getting into makeup before but it just don’t work for me. I remember my ex bring shocked when I told him I didn’t wear makeup. It was such a self esteem booster that he loved the fact that I was completely natural and beautiful. This isn’t to knock women who wear it. I’ve seen some gorgeous makeup pallets ando YouTube tutorials that make me go oooohh aaaahhh. But self love and confidence are the only things that makes us look amazing whether we’re red carpet ready or Netflix and chilling solo. We’re Queens !

  20. Erika Nikole

    I currently don’t wear make-up because i have really sensitive skin. I do however try my best to take care of my skin with natural ingredients. I like to make my own face and body scrubs with sugar, lemon essential oil and argan oil. Works wonders on my skin.

  21. Shalaynia A. Hairston

    You should never compare yourself to somebody else, because the somebody that’s most important should first be yourself. You should never seek praise from another person, appreciate you.

  22. Jasmin Troy

    This is so true you can wear all the make up and have the longest or biggest hair and the most expensive clothing but at the end of the day you have to love and cherish yourself because beauty stems from within. <3

  23. Stephanie

    As outward beauty is sure to fade, self love is what will aide in producing true beauty, from within. Makeup should be used to enhance, not hide behind.

  24. joni

    This is such an important message to share and I’m glad we are seeing more and more brands pushing for self love/acceptance in their ads and messaging. Hopefully one day we won’t need to say love yourself because it will be a common truth.

  25. Shari

    Yup, it is so easy sometimes to just want what someone else has or be envious of the car they drive or the house they live in or the way they style their hair. I feel that if we can’t love ourselves how can we expect someone else to love us. At the end of the day we are god’s child created in his image and with that being said I absolutely love myself. Even though I love makeup and chose to wear on a daily basis I feel that it doesn’t make me less of a person I feel that is enhances my natural beauty not taking anything away from me. Just like I look into the mirror without makeup and see me just me, makeup doesn’t make the person my actions and my faith and how I treat people does.

  26. Keyayang Wallace

    With natural hair it’s really hard I think for some people to just add one thing to there stash. I would say if it’s just one add water because if you didn’t have or couldn’t get nothing else your hair needs water and that is easier to get to.

  27. Leanora

    I love this article. The other day I expressed concern that I may have to get over my daughter wanting to wear makeup in her teens (she is a toddler) but then my sister in law said “she probably will not because you are plain and she will copy you”. At first I took offense but then I realized that I am ok with not wearing makeup. My husband prefers me without a lot of stuff on my face and he says I am beautiful as I am, so I do not feel as if I need makeup. I do admire those who are skilled at the application and think they look amazing, but for me I am happy with washing face and putting on face cream with spf.

  28. Maria Raby

    Wow! This is such a powerful message in this article. I judge myself so hard on a daily basis because I don’t look a certain way or sound a certain way when I really need to embrace my God given beauty. He made me this particular way for a reason and I always find something wrong with the way I look. I don’t wear makeup that often since I’m a stay at home wife currently. But when I do sometimes I wonder why the heck I put it on the the first place! LOL My husband has always preferred me without makeup on and always feel like that’s when I look the worst. But I have to stop and think that being beautiful isn’t just how you look, it’s how you feel. As I get older that is something that I am working on internally: feeling beautiful. Makeup washes off but beauty stays put as long as you believe it will.

  29. Zena

    I currently don’t wear make-up I use to a little but I find it unnecessary and time consuming plus I want my daughter to embrace her natural beauty what would it say to her if I only feel beautiful when I put my “face on”??

  30. Kenyetta Loveurahiemduncan Pru

    I need to learn how to do makeup on myself right in only know how to do my eyebrows

  31. Jamaya Lovè

    This is VERY motivational, you should always be happy with who you are and adore all of your flaws

  32. Precious McKay

    It’s funny, I wore makeup as a teen when I didn’t need it. Now that I’m older I don’t really wear it. Just some lipstick from time to time. It is hard at times looking in the mirror a seeing the imperfections, but I accept it as a part of me.

  33. shellon

    very motivating,i use makeup occasionally and very lightly,no foundation,a little lipstick,lip gloss is a must at all times,i prefer that to lipstick,my friends say i should wear makeup often because I’m a cosmetologist,but i love my natural beauty

  34. Jaye Moní

    This article really hit home with me because I have never really worn makeup. Just some eyeliner & lipstick from time to time for those SPECIAL occasions. But I like the message that this article sends. As long as you love yourself, nothing or no one can overshadow that. The message of Self-Love needs to be instilled in our younger generations as plastic surgery is becoming a major hype due to celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, & many more) & reality shows showcasing flawless skin & perfect bodies.

  35. Phylicia Williams

    I’m conflicted. I just gained an interest in make-up. I’ve fallen in love with lipstick, my lips have always been one of my fave features. I understand the message being sent but, would prefer acceptance. Love yourself unconditionally and do what ever makes you happy, and let others do the same.

  36. Jasmyn

    A lot of women struggle with this. There’s not many leaders today that express inner beauty. They all express it within beauty products. I wish more people like you would shed more light on this issue.

  37. deborah love

    This is the most important ingredient that we can pass on to the young sisters. Not only re makeup, but love of self from head to toe. I try to wear as little make up as possible on the daily, save the full face for a social event.

  38. latanya t

    I totally agree in that you must love yourself and feel confident in your own skin. Everything else should be like accessories to enhance your beauty.

  39. Thali Thali

    Love yourself! If it’s something you struggle with put it on a post it where you’ll see it multiple times a day.

  40. Nivona Holmes

    Wow, I can’t lie when I clicked on the link I thought it was gonna tell me about some wonderful product that would make my life easier… And surprisingly it DID. Just not in the way I thought it would ?

  41. Lisa Arnold

    I TOTALLY agree! The only thing you need in your stash is your natural beautiful “SELF”!! Although,, I have been natural for almost 3 years now, I’ve come to realize that it’s not necessary to wear make-up. Being natural has build up my confidence, Love & acceptance of myself for who I am. I seldom wear make-up. Only during special occasions. When I do, I only tint my lips with a natural color. Yes I’ve always been told wearing makeup enhances your beauty, but since my natural journey I have discovered less is more. #culture

  42. FireMama_x3

    agreed! the most important thing is our natural beauty. anything else is merely an accessory…keep it minimal!

  43. Simone Sang

    I have never worn makeup, just one of those things I didn’t learn to do. Over the years I have been interested in trying it but still haven’t mainly because I don’t know how to apply it and still have the natural look my husband likes. I do agree either way you need to have self love and acceptancevwithin because no amount of makeup or enhancement will achieve that for you.

  44. Danielle LakersCrabbe-Bethune

    I wear mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow when time permits. However, this doesn’t happen often, accept after wash day to show off my do for selfies. Lol

  45. Tierra Nesbitt

    Love this!!! So many people want to look like someone else because they have no self love. I like to just wear chapstick and that’s it on a daily basis so when I do have a full face of makeup on people are pleasantly surprised especially my husband.

  46. Jamila IsnowanEngasser

    I agree with this article, in that it is much healthier to feel confident without the extra added makeup/accessories. However, I can’t knock someone that feels they need to add on because I feel that people should do whatever they need to do to feel comfortable. People may think it’s vain but I prefer to wear contacts for multiple reasons. I have bad eyesight and I just don’t like the way glasses look on me because they are thick and heavy. I am definitely more comfortable/confident when I wear my contacts (not colored btw). 😉

  47. asaana

    Love these articles. Each girl can wear make up protective styles etc but no one can be you and that’s what’s important rock your kinks curls and coils. Love what god made you as a person.

  48. Natosha

    I sssooo agree!!!! And I think that whatever u feel most comfortable in is what u should rock the most….for me personally I feel best with a defined twist out and a bare face with my favorite color toxic free lipstick….self love combined with tour favorite anything always takes the cake!!!

  49. Melody McClain Brown

    I cannot do all the makeup tutorial steps so I stick to a regimen of lotion deodorant soap water and Mac lip gloss.

  50. Trice

    Im not much of a makeup person Not sure which ones would go with my skin complexion. I just started using matte lipstick so far I like plum colors I would like to try purple or even red

  51. Teamiska

    Most Love Yourself First. Self Love The Best Love. Agree With This Article So Much My Ex Use Tell Me Wash Your Face And Come I Love Better With No Make up On

  52. Melody

    This article really hits home with me because this was something I struggled with for years up until spring 2013. I discovered myself and my inner beauty and fully accepted myself. I was a makeup addict and I had spent thousands of dollars trying to hide behind a person that I thought I was. I never wanted to take off my makeup and slept in it and never let anyone see my face naked. I was ashamed and embarrassed of my natural beauty because I allowed society to tell me the definition of true beauty. In 2013 I was challenged to take off my makeup at least for a day well let’s just say I took it even further and took it off since 2013 until now and haven’t missed it either. I got married in November of 2013 and I wore NO makeup because I finally discovered self-love and enjoyed my natural beauty. Now I’m pregnant
    with a girl and I get to teach her what self-love means. God is so good!

  53. Judy

    Is there a way to get an article for beginners? I have a ton of different foundations, BB creams, eye shadows, mascara, lip sticks, but have not one clue what goes best with what. I just recently found out that certain foundations irritate my skin so I stick with origins and bare minerals. Also, could there be an article for those that are ingredient cautious?

  54. Addie Beazer

    This article has really helped me I have always struggled with my flaws and was unable to see my inner beauty but now I can thank you so much for this!

  55. Cynthia Mobley

    This article is very informative (which I love). I think everybody needs to learn how to self love.

  56. lateefaj

    Yes i totally agree nothing better than self love.. love wat is within &wat god blessed u with…no one perfect ..there are no flaws we are all beautiful n are the wa god intended us to be …

  57. chicarra

    Today’s society has convinced us that if you don’t have a 18 inch weave five layers of MAC and a body like Beyonce we are not worthy of living. We have to get back to loving who we are and what God has blessed us with. I make it a point to tell my daughter everyday how beautiful she is to me all though she’s only 2 it starts at home building confidence in our daughters as early as possible.

  58. Sharon D Johnson

    The beauty product industry knows that women will buy a bunch of products for every little thing. Face cream for day and night, eye cream, serum, exfoliant, mask, and so on. All because we think we will be magically transformed into something/someone else. I like to play with eye color and lip color — it’s fun; and I will try a “new” product now and then. But all these expensive “look younger” lotions and potions? Uh, no. I’ll keep my money in my pocket. A good face cleanser, a good face moisturizer, and mascara are my must-haves. Truth be told, when money is short, I have been known to use unscented vitamin enriched body lotion on my body, face, and in my hair (skin and hair need the same ingredients – protein and moisture). Taking care of ourselves (including our “face”) is a form of self-love. But we’ll spend a lot less $$ on the stuff, the more self-love we have.

  59. Janice Lyoness

    I love this article because it speaks a little about how I carry myself. I’m 32 i really wore heavy duty makeup fpr special occasions like weddings. I embrace my flaws head on right along with my beauty. I love the skin I’m in. No disrespect to the women who choose to wear makeup, my mom’s makeup is flawless everyday and I think she is beautiful with or without. Peace and Love

  60. Jessica CapricornQueen Mack

    I love myself and I also encourage other women to love themselves. We are all beautiful some of us women fail to see it when we look in the mirror.

  61. Jean Gervais

    Thank you so much for this article. Such a teachable moment for myself. I have felt beautiful inside and out. But sometimes I find myself wanting to over indulge in different products just to cover my flaws. When in reality I just need to embrace them.

  62. Erica Amaning

    i honestly don’t wear makeup :p. im 15 years old ,and pretty much everyone in my grade wears makeup. i honestly don’t understand why since their all so beautiful . i feel like i will start to wear makeup when im a senior as i need to start looking old.

  63. Sandra Vaughan

    Love the positivity in this article. I wear minimal makeup, just some foundation and gloss. lol, if it’s a special event or night out with the girls I might wear eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.

  64. Fleeta

    Liv you did an awesome job. The article is so well written it is positive and self affirming way. I am so beautiful I hardly wear any makeup at all. I am perfectly imperfect.

  65. CoilySue86

    I really don’t care to wear makeup daily or even weekly. I may leave the house with eyeliner and nothing else. Or I will wear mascara and stain my lips with a lip pencil and balm on top.
    I can understand the pressure to wear makeup. For me, at times feel like people will think that I don’t care about myself when I wear nothing on my face. I’ve often heard over the years that women who don’t wear makeup, don’t really care about themselves. So, I had adopted that mentality at one point, but I didn’t adopt it well. I didn’t know what I was doing with makeup. So, I pretty much left it alone. I feel like, if I don’t know how to make my face look “beat to the GAWDS”, then why try? So, I do it for me when I feel like it.
    Plus, it frees my skin. So far I’ve kept my skin healthy by avoiding sugary drinks and candy, and I think wearing less makeup has played a part of that too. My skin is free to breathe. LOL Therefore, the less makeup I wear, the less I need it.

  66. Charee Mason

    I only wear make-up on special occasions. When I’m doing everyday events, I will put on chapstick & lipstick. That’s it, simple is best for me.

  67. JeriGrl

    Oh how I love to play in my makeup…but in the mornings I’m such a rush, mascara and a good lippie are enough. And if my allergies are not my friend that day, bare faced I will be. It’s great to be comfortable and love yourself both ways!

  68. Molly Bouwsma Schultz

    There’s no better version of you but the one that excepts yourself exactly the way you are.

  69. Brittney K Harris

    I’m still learning how to apply makeup. I only use a powder for my foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and eye shawdow. All of the other stuff, still working on it lol

  70. Alia Johnson

    Another well written article by Liv! I personally don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, I always been natural my whole life. Never really was pressure by what other girls were doing or what I’ve seen on television and I didn’t grow up seeing my mom wear make up. I honestly think I just don’t have the patience(putting on makeup is a lot off work,takes time and can be expensive), I only really love to put on lipstick it wakes up my face and sometimes a little blush. Now the only time I’m wearing makeup is for photoshoot being a model,when a make up artist is applying eyeliner or massacre my eyes are literally blinking lol and I’m not a fan of fake eyelashes. As soon as I get home I take some selfies then it’s time to wash it off. At the end of the day true Beauty is the real you!

  71. Ceondrea Phillips

    Its pretty rare for me to wear make-up because, it’s a pain to take it off. When I do wear make up it consists of: mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and sometimes lipstick. What you say is true though. I was always told that make-up was only to enhance beauty, not cover up who you are. I do have to admit (which may make me seem fairly hypocritical) I do find myself fantasizing how I might look with a contour. I can also say that I wouldn’t want to have a contour everyday, I believe if I did, I would find myself sad as I removed the powdery mask… possibly believing that I needed this mask to truly portray beauty. To portray the ‘most beautiful’ I can be. To do so I would have to loose myself… my flaws… Every time I would take off the make-up I’d probably create flaws I never thought I had. Just thinking out loud..

  72. Kymber Lee-Coleman

    I rarely wear make-up. On a day to day basis I only put glasses on my face to correct my imperfect vision. I only add mascara, eye liner, lipstick, & sometimes eyeshadow when in going to a special event! Any other make-up item I am not familiar with using! No foundation, concealer, blush, color corrector, contour, and eyelashes! The main reason being that I have no clue, what so ever, on how to use those things ?!!! I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to make-up though simply because I feel that for me, less is better… & it takes less time ???!!!!

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