Let’s Set Things Straight. Natural Hair Isn’t Hard Work


We recently shared an article titled “ The Top 10 Stereotypes Naturalistas have to deal with Daily” on our Facebook fanpage. Some of the stereotypes were typical, familiar, silly and fun, for the most part agreeable. However, only one stereotype brought controversial disputes between Naturalistas within the comment section, the last stereotype on the list “Natural Hair is Hard Work”. You really should read all the FB comments

Nothing Good Comes Easy
The main argument was that Natural Hair is harder to maintain than chemically processed hair therefore Natural Hair is hard work. If something is easy to obtain does it hold the same value and significance as something that was harder? The battle is what makes the victory worthwhile! Most of us were surprised to see and feel our natural hair texture during the first stages of our natural hair journeys because as long as we could remember we have been straightening or relaxing our hair. With permed/relaxed hair, hair care was simple, wrap it at night, comb it out in the morning, wash and set every 2 weeks or perm every 4-8 weeks. However, this “easy” hair routine for most of us and me personally was extremely damaging.

Natural Hair on the other hand requires, wash weekly or biweekly, deep condition often, protein treatments among other treatments, hydrate with water, moisturize, seal and style, repeat at night and take down in the morning. The main difference between these regimens is the person providing the care. With relaxed hair the hair care provider is usually a hair care professional at a salon, while with natural hair the provider is you. Here I think lays the controversy, if you were the hair care professional of your relaxed hair would it still be considered “easier to maintain”? Getting a wash and set, relaxer or even a weave at the hair salon can take several hours, the same time it takes for you to get your hair done at the salon can be evenly distributed throughout the week for your night routine with natural hair.

Working Harder Yields Great Results
Anything that you want to achieve or be in good health such as your life, career, relationships, health, or family requires some form of dedication and hard work. You have to work hard for what you want. We grew up learning how to handle our straight permed hair; we can’t expect to master our new kinks and coils within our first year experiencing our new texture. Personally, it took me 3 years to fully understand my hair and frankly I now find my kinky natural hair to be easy to maintain.

Natural hair is only hard work if you make it out to be. If you treat it as another fragment of self-love, you’ll enjoy the process, your process, because in time you will progress. Natural hair is an investment so invest in you.

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  1. EllieLo

    I always thought my natural hair was a lot MORE work than my relaxed hair, but none of that work was particularly hard once I knew what I was doing.

  2. Sydney Shea Jacobs

    I could never do a wash and go when I was relaxed! Now that I have natural hair, I can do just that and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s not hard work if I don’t make it that way. When I washed my hair when I was relaxed, I HAD to blow dry and flat iron it. Air drying my hair, no matter what I put in it, made it crispy and gross. As soon as I started transitioning I noticed a difference, and now my hair is amazing.

    • Aisa

      Many with kinkier hair can’t do wash and gos so they have to twist several times to stretch, or blow dry every time. Many can’t even wear buns because the hair is too bushy so they have to wear bushy round ponytails like little girls or apply heat or keep the hair up at all times.

      • Natural Mom

        Why not? What’s wrong with just a wash & go no matter how kinky your hair is? The problem isn’t with the texture of your hair but your own inability to accept that the natural you doesn’t look like what you feel others think it’s supposed to.

        • bomb

          whars wrong is the amount of tangling and matting when you try to detangle it later. its not worth the hour detangling session or having to cut out matts and knots each time you just wash and go

        • justatadbit

          you must not have afro hair then. if you did youd know how much worse the tangling and clumping is when you just wash it and go. its not worth the breakage and damage of wearing it that way

  3. Sistah Butters

    Agreed! It’s a mental territorial issue. They have spent billions of the money we gave them to convince us that their way is better for us. And many still believe they will achieve success through that system of manipulation of the hair on their head. Yet, I’m glad to see that we are making progress in loving, honoring and cherishing our natural hair.

  4. DG

    It’s only more work when you constantly try to change what it is meant to do. Once you accept it… love it, there’s much less stress and work.

  5. Denise Melvin

    I was natural for a year but got a perm a couple months ago because I don’t know how to take care of my natural hair, I want to go back to being natural but I don’t know how to make it work.

  6. Rissah

    I’m 13 months natural , it is a lot more work considering my hair is thin and has low porosity oh and different textures. However, I think the author is correct that my results so far are well worth the work. I’ve also noticed that as I’m getting used to my hair routine wash day doesn’t seem like work at all just times when I get to play with my curls safely. Every time I notice growth I feel proud because my “hard work” helped it get there.

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