How To Choose Products For Faster Hair Growth & Healthy Hair


Many naturalistas follow regimens that lack the proper protein and moisture conditioning components, which prevents them from reaching their hair goals. You should always start with a moisture-based product regimen if you want to repair dry or damaged hair and retain length. About 99% of the time, poor moisturizing and conditioning are the causes of most of the hair issues we face including breakage.

Hair care beginners should get in the habit of hydrating (wash) and conditioning (moisturize) their hair once to twice per week for at least the first six weeks to establish a baseline. Hydration success is in the products we use. Conditioning products make up the bulk of the protein and moisture balancing in a healthy hair care regimen. Chime Edwards of HairCrush has created a guide for selecting the proper products for your healthy hair care regimen.

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In this very thorough video Chime discusses how to best clean your natural hair as well as how to repair damaged hair and make the best product selection for your best healthiest hair. Chime suggests that everyone get accustomed to reading product labels because there are many ingredients in beauty products that lead to dry damaged hair. Reading labels is also crucial to your health, through scientific research studies many ingredients such as parabens have been reported to lead to cancer.  Chime walks you through this discovery process in the video below.