Halle Berry’s Ex Straightened Their Daughters Hair!


OMG! I saw this article on NaturallyCurly and I almost passed out. How could a parent make this decision without consulting the other parent?  Read below and please let me know your thoughts?

Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry have reunited. But not under the circumstances we might have once hoped for.

Yesterday news broke that the X-Men and Monster’s Ball actress is taking model ex Aubry to court for straightening their daughter Nahla’s hair. She claims he is “trying to make our daughter look white,” according to E! News and TMZ reports Monday evening.

The Oscar winner argued with the father of her 6-year-old child in court over where the lines have been crossed when it comes to co-parenting privileges and boundaries. Apparently, Gabriel wants his daughter to have blonder, straighter hair and Halle Berry thinks it’s because he is attempting to hide her African American roots.

Monday morning Berry’s lawyer, Steve Kolodny, represented the actress in her absence. The judge in their case has ordered that Nahla’s hair grow back in its natural state, completely unaltered. Neither parent can change its appearance for the remainder of her childhood.

Would You Kill??


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  1. Denise

    First of all he’s an awful human being if he did what he is being accused of and for the reasons being stated….2nd WHAT licensed hair stylist would do this to a six yr old?…..because it should be REVOKED!!!!!

    • queenbee9

      Please.. how many black mommas take their babies in to get a kiddie relaxer? a lot–all those women who started getting “perms” at the age of 5 did not all get them done at home–and when that happens we may shake our heads, but seldom is this kind of outrage expressed.


    This is so stupid….that’s what she get….you had a child with a crakkker…wtf did she expect???? Dumb bitch.

    • Name

      I was once married to a white man and we have two children. I think the main issue here is parents need to communicate with each other. I’m not saying she is right/ him
      wrong…there should have been a conversation. That’s what any parent should expect.
      Your comments are ignorant and should be removed.

      • queenbee9

        I agree, I am still married to my white man (20+ years) and we have 5 children almost all are grown ; ranging in age from 32 to 17. There is often a different dynamic when a marriage is no longer intact. The former couple may be at war with each other or not speaking so the idea of “communicating” may be a lost cause. if for example, both parties are hurt and the man did indeed repeatedly call Halle a Nig**r as she claims, then what he did to the child may have had vindictive overtones. In this case what may be benign or simply a choice does have uglier connotations.

        But I agree the comment should be removed. I have made all the choices when it came to the hair of both my sons and daughters including my stepson who is white. (prior to him making his own choices).

        I DO think though before people intermingle racially or otherwise you should know the mind set of your partner when it comes to the things that are sensitive or you hold most dear:

        1. Religion
        2. finances
        3. spending patterns/beliefs
        4. education beliefs
        5. moral code
        6. hair care and child care issues
        7. help around the home
        8. attitude toward other races if applicable

        NONE of these should be discounted. Of the 8, finances and spending beliefs are the 2 things that usually break up a marriage this is followed by moral code (cheating/infidelity or lying a lot) then other issues.

        BUT in the case of a mixed race couple–above all else don’t let your libido lead your choices–your genetics will be combining with another race AND the resultant child will have both you and your extended families in the mix at least until the child is 18–this can lead to heartbreak especially when the parents instill different things into the child.

        Once a child is born into a marriage, each parent LOSES certain rights–they cannot limit access without due and proveable cause, they cannot limit visitation of grandparents, they cannot stop the other parent from teaching hate, or intolerance or destroying the child’s self esteem.

        They cannot stop the ex spouse from introducing dangerous or negative elements into their child’s life–like racists, child molesters, etc

        So choose wisely–and remember the LAST consideration in marriage should be how pretty a baby someone would make–far more is at stake for both the child and the individuals involved in the interracial marriage.

        • Ladylanita

          “I DO think though before people intermingle racially or otherwise you should know the mind set of your partner when it comes to the things that are sensitive or you hold most dear:”

          Intermingle? You guys crack me up! Halle’s mother is white! Black Americans need to stop defaulting to the one drop rule. Just because some uncultured back-a-wall white Americans lumped every person of color into one category, don’t make it so.

          And honestly that list of viewpoints on sensitive issues should be covered with anyone. We don’t live in a traditional culture anymore where everyone is closed off from other cultures and shares the same views.

          • queenbee9

            It is still intermingling dear. Because you act like blacks invented or adhere to the “one drop rule” understand this–those “rules” have never been repealed or rescinded they are still used to determine quotas, to mete out scholarships, to conduct the census and to hire.

            Halle’s white mother, impressed upon her biracial daughter that for all intents and purposes she was a black woman and so yes, it still is intermingling–when Halle has a child that still has black characteristics she may have to deal with a partner if she marries a nonblack who wants to counteract the child’s natural looks with chemicals or manipulation with no regard for the damage to the child’s hair or their self esteem.

            I did preface my comments about marriage in general and defaulted to it also including issues such as race when applicable. You can discount race all you want, but as my biracial children can attest, when it is convenient, they are castigated and denigrated and called the N word and worse just like every other black–when white people feel like it.

            Ferguson attests to where we are–this day and age is not the first time blacks intermingled with whites openly–and Ferguson and Halle’s situation is not the first time whites openly reacted to what they can do to people of color–% of race not withstanding.

            Halle’s daughter is called a quadroon or 25% black and according to those nonrepealed LAWS (not rules) that are still on the books, a person has to be less than 12.5% to be called a white person–that means Halle’s quadroon granddaughter has to have a baby with a white and then that Octaroon needs to have a baby with a white, and THAT offspring gets to be called white.

            Because though people have this idea that they can disregard laws socially by choice and that is ok–(you know things like walking off the sidewalk and in the street if you like) does not mean we can do that–Ferguson teaches us that–when they want to, the laws disregarded are inforced. One drop rules were not invented by blacks or enforced by them and yes–given the law–the word choice is appropos–intermingle…


        Your enslaved mind should be removed! Go sing kumbiya to somewhere else…you laid with your oppressor just like this dumb broad…idots..smh…one day you dumb negros will learn…smh

        • Name

          LOL! You’re hilarious! I don’t know any song ‘kumbiya’…oh you mean kumbaya? Who exactly is the ‘idot’…oh you mean idiot? Funny. You are what is wrong with America. I’m going to leave you SMH so more idiotic thoughts can roll around. Good luck.

          • ELLA ALEXANDER

            You could never insult me..sorry! I could care a less about minor typos jackass…the issue is a dumb chick screwing a crakkker and complaining about her daughters hair looking too European! Typical space cadet.

          • Name

            Not an insult at all…the insult would be me thinking like
            you…or by me drawing conclusions about you based on your dumb ass comments. Lets see if I can be as ignorant as you…

            You are obviously a single, dark skin, black female with 4 kids
            and 3 baby daddies. You sit on your ass collecting a government check each month while you count down the days to tax season. You got a ‘punk ass’ negro who runs around but manages to come back when your check comes in and/ or money on your food card. You watch the Maury Show as if it was the 5 o’clock news. You didn’t graduate high school, but you thinking about going back for your GED. You are third generation welfare bitch who most likely named at least two of your kids after an alcohol drink or an expensive sports car when your ass pushin’ a beat up minivan with bald tires.

            Does this sound ignorant yet?

            I’m going to let you have the last word because that’s what
            dumb ass bitches do. Get your life boo-boo!

          • Name

            Thank you. I was trying to make a point. I stand by my original comment that parents need to communicate with each other.

          • ELLA ALEXANDER

            Again…you could never insult me..lol…I’m a gainfully employed woman who feed, and house the filthy white trash that litter the streets of this city…who by the way…are all on public aassistance or some type of drug habit, they also make up a huge population of the prostitution and panhandling….put that in your meth pipe and smoke it!. ..lol…smh…oh yeah…I’m fair skinned with 3 sucessful sons…all with the same father…whatta ya know about that!? And Maury is just another disgusting jew boy exploiting other human beings, as Jerry did…the other disgusting jew boy! My work is done here:)…the topic was supposed to be about Halle’s dumb ass…but you took her place. Now get a life, and go have watethead babies with your daughter.

          • ELLA ALEXANDER

            Lolol..yes it is…but I bet your not really laughing though? Sort of left a bitter taste in your mouth huh…lololol…

          • Name

            No, trulyI am laughing out loud at you. You’re gainfully employed helping (as you say) the oppressor…why not get a different job? Then you say ‘my work is done here’…that’s funny to me because all you did was proof my point. Ignorance is bliss. What you know about that….how old are you… 75? Who says that? LOL…and yes I mean I’m laughing out loud. Hurry and write back…I’m on pins
            and needles LOL!

          • ELLA ALEXANDER

            Hey someone has to help your sorry ass people…and I get paid pretty damn good doing what I do..lol…it’s funny because their so full of pride…not sure where they get it from…but you should see the look on their faces when they have to humble themselves and ask for help…lolol…hilarious! But I help the losers anyway shit…it’s good money. they always ferl compelled to explain how they got in the situation their in…lol…it cracks me up! They look so pitiful. ..hungry drugged out sleeping under bridges in tents n shit…half of them are to uppity to ask for food…lol..so instead of you trying your best to go back n forth with me…go do something to help your sorry ass people.

          • queenbee9

            Fair skinned–word to the wise–YOU would not exist, if somewhere down the road, some “dumb black b— “did not lay down with some white “cra—-” your blood line would no doubt show a significant contribution of European blood–you don’t get that fairness from just African blood lines. But I feel your remarks nonetheless and used to think the same way (Black women used to have no say in who forced them to have sex, why give white males a chance to defile us now? Then laugh all the way to the white woman they finally wanted to marry?_

            That was me for years–but now I realize that there is far more to this sad story then just keeping black women away from white men– I married a white male though for me, it had to be a European not an American –I try to tell myself that there is a difference but I’m only lying to myself (though I still probably cannot let a white American male touch me) But that is me. I am of the opinion that when dealing with a culture that refuses to even accept , acknowledge and make reparations for things they still are advantaged for and who don’t stop the scapegoating, I cannot give a tacit “ok” to them using my body as a sperm receptacle and my husband has had to endure more than one of my rants about “white people” and he has…

            But we also have to THINK–our birth rates are diminishing and more and more black females are facing a life of either suboptimal sex or going with other females or being alone because many black males are studding for white females who birth rates are finally going up for the first time in almost 35 years. Because they now also count the biracial babies they are making.

            So what is the point? We are all in this together and BOTH of you have a point and neither point is wrong–this is such a complex mess but we should never forget that whites are very good about being amenable or wanting things to further themselves and we are often guilty of forgetting our history so that they can do the okie doke (including using us for brooding when their own genetic pool fails them) and we are right there, pretending what they did in the past and what they even do presently, does not matter–then you get that wake up call, when he may leave and call you a the N word as he is wallking out fhte door–after all that “love” you thought you had..

            It happens. I know many young black females who allowed the lines to be crossed, who found out that at most, they were just used by a white guy who laughed and told his buddies but whether 3 years in or a one hit wonder–ended up going back to white women with stories to tell about their foray with a dumb , black b” it really does happen. but then.. there are some who truly love us–and some we truly love also–and more and more , they are marrying us–which is good in a way but also means they legally have access to our children–which is bad if the only reason they were with us was to have legal rights to a child they never could have had without us.

  3. Delia Fitzpatrick

    What we can’t help is who we fall in love? The problem is not what nationality he is but finding someone that shows respect for you and your nationality. This whole thing is so wrong, I can’t express it. He is a spiteful, ignorant, piece of …. Children have some many identity issues, he is not helping his own child. He is using her as a chess piece.

    • queenbee9

      We can always help who we fall in love with. My mother always said that we fall in love with the people we come in contact with–but a lot of mental calisthenics go into falling in love… we have to accept a lot of things we may not like or agree with and overlook and make excuses for other behaviors or habits or looks or mind sets–all of this takes time on our part and a CONSCIOUS effort. All humans need to stop acting like love is some stealth character that ambushes and takes us over–that is not what happens. People want to be in love and CHOOSE who to love and why, what often happens is that people are in contact with and subconsciously began that vetting process and often do not admit it to themselves until they are knee deep.

      But this does not mean the choice and the choosing was not there–it may have been done on auto pilot. WE CHOOSE what we don’t do is do so MINDFULLY not only considering what a person shares with or shows us but what this MEANS to us and our offspring and our family years down the line–the ramifications if you will–being mindful –if a man puts you down or criticizes you a lot when dating, it is not likely to stop when you marry.

      if a man goes on and on about your features or your great hair, it is not likely to stop if you do not deliver similar traits to his offspring (and if you are biracial or black you can have a totally unexpected throwback from anywhere in your genetic heritage)

      For instance, if your “cute, keen nose” is so important, while you are dating, he is kissing it etc, then think about how betrayed he might feel if your child has a rounded pug nose–if he loves your silky wavy hair with huge curls, consider how angry he might be if your produce a frizzy haired child. Don’t assume if a person loves you, then they automatically love the child by you–if that was true, people would not rape and abuse their own kids.

      Consider instead WHY you are desired and what that might mean if you cannot pass those traits on to your child–there is a reason marriages break up when there is a special needs child–it is not all the work of raising one, it is the FACT that what the other spouse signed on for an optimal person has been changed and so they leave.

      this is an ugly truth about humans–we want what we think we signed on for–when you are “loved for yourself” make sure that is not for physical attributes, otherwise when those change (and they shall) your marketing chip goes out the window and if you are a white woman wanting a biracial doll or a black man wanting a biracial doll, consider how disappointing it is when your doll is not a barbie but a cabbage patch doll.

      • Ladylanita

        Unfortunately life does not follow a textbook. Sometimes you form bonds BEFORE you get to see people’s true character in all situations. The father could be showing this side of himself only after bitterness due to their separation. We don’t know the motives and what’s going behind the scenes.

        • queenbee9

          I sort of agree and sort of disagree because even in lesser situations, the signs are often there–we just choose to not see them or think we are exempt from what we see.

          There would be no separation unless something else was shown and it probably was always there. The fact is Americans (I am one by family though born in Europe) tend to enter relationships with eyes wide SHUT and often ignore what is right in front of them. I have been married 3 times–my first husband was a nightmare and the marriage only lasted 6 months–looking back, the signs were all there but I excused those signs or ignored them and ignored the comments and advice of those who cared about me—I almost paid with my life.

          I began to look over some of my other bad decisions concerning men and saw a pattern: I liked bad, ruthless men and I ignored the signs that said their behavior might extend to me. I saw it, but they treated me like gold and I liked that: “big bad evil man but putty in MY hands” and then I met and married a really bad one.

          We often lie to ourselves about what love is or we don’t even know what it is. I never deluded myself that I loved my husband–I never loved him and it was this knowledge that caused him to “show me just how bad he could be”

          Americans tend to be romantic–we ignore or think possessiveness or jealousy is “cute” or proves how much we mean to a person, we ignore the fact that some men do not even want to share us with our own families or find even our friendships with others to be a sign.. we ignore the mind games or the silent treatments or the abrupt “don’t ask me questions like that–we think brooding is sexy when it MIGHT mean and often means a person is disturbed and communing with their own demons.

          We ignore vindictiveness– surely in the time of dating, we have noticed how our love interest acts when they are threatened or feel deceived or if they are controlling–we often think we can “manage” or “change” another person. I got my wake up call in my late 20s (I am in my 50s now) and I did a lot of self examination– the thing is I SEE people choosing partners that cannot work–some end in tragedy with kids being fought over in the middle or women being killed or beat up by men–the signs are there, but in our zeal to have “true love” which we often confuse with good sex or new stuff or lots of attention is a recipe for a problem.

          EYES WIDE SHUT–I do not know the situation between Halle and her husband and in part, it may be her own hang ups and attitude fueling things–but since he allegedly calls her the N word–chances are high he made disparaging remarks about people of color long before she married him and she dismissed those remarks because she did not think he applied those same sentiments to her. but in anger–people use what they think will hurt and when there is that particular conundrum–the N word often is used if you have a mate of a different race–it has historical hurt attached to it and gets a lot of bang for the buck–so why not throw it out there?

          Most cultures use other attributes that looks, or sexual prowess or eye candy status to find mates they are far more pragmatic thinking along the lines of social status, religion, poltical views, cultural views, child rearing ideology, family ties, finances, and other things that often can make or break a relationship–Americans tend to marry for very shallow reasons like who makes their heart flutter and how “fine” or hot or whether they are a dime or not or whether they ‘would make pretty babies” or they buy them nice things.

          When we use such criteria, we often do not know what we are getting into because they are NOT what actually can keep a relationship going–we have the highest attrition rate for marriages in the world now with over 65% of American marriages ending in divorce–that also leads to the next problem with our group think–many do not understand or respect the institution of marriage and therefore, it becomes easier to just leave instead of invest in their marriage.

          I have been married 3 times–1 to a man who was crazy (and yes, the signs were there, but I excused or finessed them), 2 to a wonderful man who after 9 years, died–and now, for over 21 years to an even more wonderful man who shows me love and has shown me love every single day of our marriage. we have 5 kids–3 are biracial –we make it work by trying to understand each other far beyond our looks and weight and race–he now has liverspots and I have gained over 60 lbs since we started dating long ago–but we did not ever base our marriage on things like looks so we seem to be in a good place.

  4. cl44

    I had a similar issue with my husband and his family over relaxing our daughters hair. They are all black but it’s there culture all their girls get relaxed around 5. But I won that fight. Now my husband supports me. Race isn’t the issue. It should be we all teach our children to love who the are before deciding on a change.

  5. queenbee9

    This is what happens when a racial dynamic is NOT fully considered when choices are made. Normally, it is the mother who decides to ‘straighten her daughter’s hair to connote different heritage or bloodline–we call that the “good hair” syndrome.

    In this case we have to wonder what else that is far more harmful this man is doing to his daughter. for instance what is she taught about the black race or black women?

    Are they denigrated to her or put down and compared incessantly to a white module of behavior or looks or desireability?

    The hair is really a side issue, more importantly is a KEY ISSUE most of us never think about when we allow ourselves to date and fall in “love” with other people. Race is not the issue; but WHO you choose to be a part of genetic legacy that will be embodied in babies.

    This is sooo very important and an issue I have tried to both raise and instill in my own children “be careful who you mate with because the combination will be your legacy and no amount of upbringing and culture or physical characteristics can counteract the nurturing aspect of human life.

    ….Or as Einstein’s story put it when a beautiful blonde offered herself to him for marriage by claiming, “Just think of how our children will look with my beauty and your brains” His response was “But consider madam, the very real prospect that they get My looks and YOUR brains”

    Halle should have known the racial proclivities and hang ups of the man she married–if he went on and on about either her hair or her race or the fact she was half white that emphasis said a lot about him BEFORE THE MARRIAGE–then there you go–it said where his focus was and is, and though he might have found her utterly captivating, the real question was what was captivating? the white beauty seen through a haze of light caramel color or she as a person?

    The same is true of many people especially black men who have sex with white women known to go from black man to black man–then that woman has a child and often throughout that child’s life she is castigated if she did not give mom a picture perfect biracial doll look–or worse yet, mom is careless and while she is black man hopping, she puts her child at risk by leaving the child alone with men who are not the child’s father.

    How many biracial children have horror stories about being raped or maltreated by one of mom’s many boyfriends or family friends? I know LOTS–and it starts with misplaced trust and a lifestyle of pursuing the best D with no thought of their children or their role as both advocates and protectors of their babies.

    In this case, Halle, may have failed or underestimated the lure of looks and exoticism with acceptance. Men (or women) who like others outside of their race may not embrace your race at all and in fact may despise it–a love of YOU or even an attraction to you does not mean acceptance and we have to ask ourselves where we fit in the scheme of the jungle fever dynamic. Is it enough to be wanted, for whatever reason by a person from another race or to be used by them? What happens to a child born into this? How is the child treated by both parents? Where is the sense of self of the two grown ups and of the children and how does one instill sense of self if either parent hates or dislikes or looks down on another part of the child?

    How can a child navigate self celebration and acceptance if they are constantly barraged and manipulated to be something other than they are naturally? Even children know that adopting fake hair or manipulated hair is a concession to another aesthetic and a put down of their own original selves.

  6. queenbee9

    Then again… imagine a judge ordering all the black women who straighten their hair and blonde it that they have to let it grow in its natural state because the acts of coloring it lighter and straightening it means that they were trying to have white looking hair and trying to hide their African American roots…..

    Ahhh the irony.

  7. queenbee9

    ? what is the difference between this white man wanting his biracial daughter to have straighter hair and blonde hair and black moms who try to straighten the hair if their young ones including babies as young as 6 months old to try to pretend they have “good hair” (as if no one can tell the difference?

    Some black mommas do this often to their own (how many have had perms since they were 5?

    Some Black women do this—-we should not really be surprised when those who hang with some of us do what some of us do…


      There is no such thing as “good hair”…but I see the point. There is absolutely no difference. ..I hate when black women put chemicals in little black girls hair…it totally ruins their beautiful natural curly kinky texture. And I hate when white women…or any non African woman tries to mimic our hair texture using chemicals. ..or our full lips and voluptuous curves for that matter! Why can’t we simply be proud of how we were born? By this father trying to change the texture of his daughter hair…simply says he doesn’t like the natural kink in her hair which means he doesn’t like her grandfather’s African heritage. As Halle is saying the same about her caucasion mother. The wholefight is the dumbest shit I ever saw people waste time on…bottom line here is…choose your baby daddy and mommas with everything considered!

  8. Dakotah Eason

    Why why why did he straighten her hair? She’s a child let her look like a child and don’t try to push those “straight is beautiful” hair stereotypes on her. There’s no easy I would do that to my child. Smh.

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