Give Your Natural Hair a Break! Wear Crochet Havana Mambo Twists


Crochet braiding is a fast convenient hair style that allows you to wear your hair in a protective style without having to install single braids or single twists to your hair. You apply the hair by literally crocheting hair, with a latch hook tool, in between your own corn rowed hair. Some women use the braiding technique as an alternative to the traditional sew-in hair weave. Crochet that is styled with Marley Hair looks really natural and to be honest, one might not be able to tell crochet braids from natural growing hair. This is a great option for someone who is transitioning or just needs a break from styling their own hair every day. You get the natural hair look, without having to manipulate your own hair. You can even wash and treat your scalp, which is something that is difficult to do with a sew-in.

All of the pictures in the gallery below are women wearing crochet hair. It’s not easy to spot because the Marley Hair mimics natural hair so well.  Check out this video to style your hair in crochet with marley hair.

Recently, while browsing YouTube in search of the latest styles to share with everyone for the fall, I’ve come across the crochet Havana Twist or crochet Mambo Twist and I’ve been in awe ever since because I found that the crochet Havana Twist comes already prepackaged in the twists! This is revolutionary and eliminates a major step. I’ve had my hair styled in Havana Twists at my stylist for about $100 dollars and it takes roughly 4 hours to install. I’ve never attempted to install them on my own because I don’t know hot to have the braiding hair interlock with my own hair. No matter how many tutorials I watch, my hands just won’t do it. But with this pre-twisted hair, I’m sure that I can achieve this look on my own.

Below, you’ll find five of the best crochet Havana  Mambo Twist tutorials on YouTube. These ladies will truly inspire you to want to get started on your own crochet braids!

Self Installation
In the set of videos below, the women are installing the crochet twists on themselves. These videos demonstrate how to install the twists, but not how they braided their hair. If you have decent braiding skills, you will be fine, but if not, ask a friend or relative to help you out. The overall time for a self installation was less than 2 hours in all videos. It takes more time than that on wash day! And I would imagine this lasting for about 4 weeks.

Shorter Hair

Someone Else Installs
In the set of videos below, the women are having the the crochet twists installed by someone else. There are great tips about concealing rows and the hair line in these videos.

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  1. Antoyia

    I’m so in love with this style! I just dyed my hair purple, so those purple havana twists really caught my attention…they are just too cute! Then she has a video of them unraveled…oh yes ma’am! A few months back, I had the marley twists (LOVED THEM!!!) and if I would have thought about it to cut down on the time to get them latch hooked. But no worries, my next twist style will be crochet style!

  2. Nads

    I am currently wearing crochet braids and its the best decision I ever made…. After this I don’t think I’ll be using any other PS in my HHJ

  3. Ang

    I normally do individual twists, but I will be doing crochets next time. I just did crochet on my sister, but I didn’t have the pre-twisted hair so it took forever. We should have just gone to another beauty supply store and found what we really needed.

  4. Jasmine Phillips

    I’m looking to get a protective style and I usually opt for the poetic justice braids but this post has inspired me to try a new style. I am loving the Havana twists!

  5. Angel Rena

    This is such a great protective style. I plan on doing them in the winter time. I will choose crochet braids over sewn ins any day hands down! They are so easy to do also. I got a sew in a few months ago and left a bald spot in my head. Sticking to my hair regime has been a life saver.

  6. Jerri Smith

    I LOVE crochet braids! They ate so easy to do and keep my hands out of my hair, lol. I haven’t had the opportunity to try through Havana Twists try but I will soon, hopefully ?

  7. Sandra Balanga

    OMG, why can’t I ever get it right??! I tried several times but without success, so I end up going to my Houston hairdresser 🙁

  8. KC

    I was literally juuustttt talking to my linesisters about trying out crochet braids for the first time this morning, and then I saw this headline…. this is a sign! lol i need to just buckle down and do them.

  9. Auset

    Oh thank the Natural hair heavens up above! I have been looking for another beautiful protective hair style OTHER than a sew in & not my natural hair! I have not quite mastered how to really retain moisture in my OWN hair let alone doing the cute protective styles I LONE but I think I just found one! And this looks easy to only concern would be me tryin to wash & deep condition my own hair without making a mess out of my crochet. .but don’t worry, I’ll learn 🙂 .
    Thankyou J!!

  10. Nekisha Poinsett

    So crochet is not new but like everything else it’s making a full circle return this is a perfect protection style. Very versatile.

  11. Edna

    I would love to try crochet braids. I have Senegalese twist now. I would love to do crochet braid for the winter. This is why I love natural hair the versatilities are endless.

  12. Kayree Simmons

    I’m looking forward to trying this and other protective styles soon. I’m looking to start a year of protective styles before I possibly install Sisterlocks. Gotta get my money right and a good, efficient, talented Braden though!

  13. Shanay Fisher

    I tried crochet braids in which I did myself it was an epic fail I looked like simba from the lion king too much brown and blonde and it was way to big to tame…lol however I feel crochet braids are a great protective style because you can still have access to your scalp unlike some weaves if u want tovwash the hair you can plus the manipulation of your real hair is very low because you dnt have to braid the hair super tight for the style to last. Once I get the hang of crocheting I will give it a second try….I love the look!!

  14. Erika Nikole

    Great article and tutorials! I’ve been wanting to get this style done for a while now. How long do you keep this style in? Is it best to install them on clean stretched hair hair? And how do you wash your with them in?

  15. Dakotah Eason

    My husband loves locs and has been trying to talk me into getting them for years. I know how to do Marley twists on other people’s hair but can’t seem to do them myself. I’m going to try faux locs in a few weeks and I can’t wait for the break from daily styling. Hot oil treatment, shampoo, deep conditioner and faux locs for about four weeks!

  16. Tiffany InspireMe Creatively

    Can I say those purple Havana braids just gave me LIFE a few minutes ago? ? YES! I’ll be protective styling longterm over the winter and spring to give myself a break from styling and to give my stands a vacation. My friends have installed those twists but it never really jumped out at me. Now I’m looking at them and I got a blast of inspiration. I’ll be putting them in in a few weeks so I think this may just be my next move. Thanks for the tutorials!!!

  17. Kamille Fields

    I absolutely love these styles and i want to try them very soon. I have been waiting to give my hair a break i just didnt know which style to pick. Now i have a game plan

  18. Jasmin Troy

    I’ve been watching so many videos on Havana twist both the individual method and the crochet method I think I might do a combination of both and crochet the middle and then twist only the perimeter of my hair..

  19. Shari

    I wish I new how to install these absolutely gorgeous Havana Mambo twists. If I did I would be rocking these every few months and making a killing doing friends and family members hair. I can’t braid what kind of sister am I. Lol

  20. Jaye Moní

    I personally LOVE these! It takes me back to when my mom would rock the crochet braids back in the day. I like that your hair is in an even more protected style with the french braids. I imagine that treatment & care for your scalp & own natural hair would be highly obtainable since whatever you apply to your scalp will penetrate into your protected hair & not saturate the crochet hair. I recently had Marley Twists & although the twists were cute, the process was painful. The amount of hair needed to cover my entire head was a bit much so it weighed my head & my hair down. My already thin edges were almost nonexistent from their being too much Marley hair being incorporated with my natural hair, the twist being too long, etc. The versatility of these crochets are limitless! A must try, especially with the colder months approaching.

  21. Keyayang Wallace

    I think the crochet Havana twist are a great protective style specially for the fall and winter months is when I would rock them.

  22. Leanora

    I have a friend who is a stylist and does styles such as this. These styles are cute, but I wonder if they are heavy. I have a super tender section in my head as a result of follicle damage from relaxing and I would worry that this style may hurt that section on my head. The ladies in the videos are super cute and wear this style well.

  23. Nadine Cash-Eans

    These styles are very nice and look natural. I’m still new to wearing my hair natural (BC’d on 7/18/15), and still learning and not sure yet how I feel about those styles on me. I’ve seen a lot of women who say they are getting this type of protective style for the upcoming colder months. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely do more research, and although I’m good with doing my hair, I think I’ll let my stylist handle this if I decide to get them done. Don’t want to look like a hot mess. lol

  24. Ebony Baker-Jamerson

    I like the very first girl’s hair although they all look great. I think that would be the perfect look for me if I didn’t cut my hair very low recently. I am patiently waiting for my hair to grow in more so I can get a great protective style and this just may be it.

  25. Zena

    I’ve really been contemplating doing this but I can’t braid my own hair and natural hair stylist charge so much for this even though everyone says its so easy you can do it yourself. I am now on a mission to learn how to braid YouTube here I come

  26. Shelana

    I really want to try this but I cant braid and to get a good stylist that understands natural hair is hard and if you do they are sooooo expensive…I love the versatility of it though

  27. Mz. Nishia Star

    I really want to try crochet braids. I’m scared for many reasons. I’m afraid I may break out from the hair I use. My favorite hair stylist lives in another state now and I only trust her. Lastly, I don’t think I have the skills even with the help if tutorials. Lol, maybe I’ll find someone I trust soon.

  28. shellon

    love crochet braids,”remember my aunt doing my hair years ago,she would always say “this is less stress for your hair”she died and i had forgotten all about it when i grew up but thanks to your videos they are very helpful,was sitting here thinking what to do with my hair and came across these videos,i can’t thank you enough,will be doing this as often as i can.

  29. Jess

    I love crochet braids as a protective style but we must be careful not to put strain on the hair by constantly making the braids in the same areas and also making them too tight. I usually give myself at least a week or two break and try to do a different braiding pattern each time.

  30. Jametta Alston

    I have loved the look, yet it is beyond me economically. I appreciate knowing that I can achieve this look on my budget.

  31. El Price

    Save time and money with crochet twist why not! Most twist
    styles cost $100 or more not including the hair and time. I may have to do them
    on myself in the near future. The crochet styles have come a long way since the
    90’s when we called them “latch hooks.” Besides being a time and
    money saver it seems to be a hair saver as well, which is a plus for me. Seems
    there is less minupluation to hair with crochet twist than other individual
    twist as protective styles. Another plus the takedown process should be super

  32. Domonique Robinson Brown

    I would love crochet braids and they look super easy when I see others install them but the one time I had them they did not feel comfortable sleeping with them… Also the packs of Pre Made hair is way to expensive for something that won’t last that long, I rather get braiding hair and just do box braids…

  33. latanya t

    I am so glad that you can buy the hair already twisted vs. trying to do it yourself. Such a great protective style and I like the addition of colors as well.

  34. Teresa D Simmons

    Beautiful protective style but I see its very similar to those box braids that ruined my edges.

  35. Nivona Holmes

    I am definitely going to do a crochet install this fall. But i’m thinking some straight kanekalon hair cut into a Bob style. I’ve seen straight crochet installs that look better than some sew-ins so I’m thinking about giving it a try. Yall pray for me.

  36. Tamica Reynolds

    I love this when I did this to my daughters hair I did all of the work with twisting them on a tension rod the day before then putting them in her hair. I’m glad they now come already twisted.

  37. FireMama_x3

    i’ve been wanting Mambo twists since i saw them on IG. i can’t wait! i’ll be installing myself.

  38. Danielle LakersCrabbe-Bethune

    I love Mamba Twists because of the length of time you can wear them, the time it takes to do them and more importantly, that you can get to your scalp! They’re perfect for giving your natural hair a break and are cost efficient. It’s amazing that they cost less than most braiding hairstyles yet are one of the better styles to wear to prevent breakage, although you must still keep your hair oiled and wrapped.

  39. Tierra Nesbitt

    I’m glad that I ran across this article and the videos. I was looking for a fall hair style that I can wear to work and go work out without causing damage on my hair. I love the crochet style with the Marly hair because it looks so natural. Luckily I have best friend who can do my hair like this for half the price. Can’t wait to try these styles!

  40. Jamila IsnowanEngasser

    I really want to step my game up and learn how to do this but I can’t cornrow, French braid or flat twist my hair. I will probably end up having someone install them for me. I definitely want some though.

  41. Monee Pretty Blessed Johnson

    Great idea. i recently put my hair into jumbo Havana twist. i wish I knew about the crochet idea first. Maybe i will try it next.

  42. Michelle Berryman-Phillips

    I want to do this but not sure if it would look right but i think i still might give it a try it doesnt hurt to try something new especially if irs for the health of you hair

  43. Natosha Hardy

    I have always loved crochet braids and loved them even more when I realized how diverse they were…some styles that I have seen are so creative and u can NOT tell that they are crochet braids….I definitely am going to be trying the havana twists style soon!!!

  44. Kayla v

    Its possible that this would be my nxt protective style. Any types on managing this style with a dry scalp?

  45. Khristina Harris

    I haven’t tried this style with crochet yet, but I did do the Havana twist style and lived it. Any suggestions on how to do this style and keep it look fresh and keep the itching down. I have very dry scalp?

  46. Alfrie Davis

    I love these Ive been looking for the hair but cant find it! every website is sold out!!! Help Please I need this in my life!

  47. Jimmy Nemorin

    I absolutely love the way it looks and i will definently try this. I was looking for a protective style other than putting havana twist in each strand because my edges were startingbto get weak. But definently if i get them croched instead i think my edges will be protected. Thanks Jenell for this great idea. You are the only trusted naturalista blogger that i trust because you explain things so clear and when i do follow your advice on hair care, i am always successful with my hair.

  48. Trice

    i love the outcome of her hair. I am currently rocking crochet braids as we speak. I like the silky curly brand like freetress deep twist. I love crochet braids because you can still get to your scalp to oil, and cleanse it. I think its the best protective style for myself and others.

  49. Teamiska

    This Perfect ive seen it before but ive finally tried and its so much easier. I love it im sticking to crochet for now on.

  50. Melody

    Ok, so this article is confirmation because to be very honest I haven’t had any type of extensions in my hair terms of a protective style in like 4 years. I am guilty because my protective styles have been very simple and they only lasted about a week or a week in a half. So since I am pregnant I kind of have no choice but to get this style because it’s a strain on my back, arms, neck etc. So with that being said thanks for sharing this article because it’s motivating me to give my hair a little break as well as my hands too. This hairstyle is gorgeous and much deserved.

  51. Judy

    Hair love!!!! I really love crochet braids! I never thought to twist the added hair though! I so need to try! I do yarn braids a lot and love adding different colors to my hair (only bits and pieces due to where I work). I was looking fot a style that protects my hair and allows to add color. Maybe I’ll try crochet box braids but I’m loving these Havana styles!

  52. Addie Beazer

    These are nice thanks so much for the video tutorials! I will definitely be trying this in my hair or one of my friends hair!

  53. Erika Nikole

    All the ladies did a wonder job in the tutorials. My question is, How do you maintain them and how long should you keep them in?

  54. chicarra

    I love styles of this nature the only thing that worries me is the tension that styles like this tends to put on the hair line. I personally have a very fine hairline and wonder how to avoid traction? .

  55. Fleeta

    I’ve never thought I could cornbread my hair and then install a crochet style but these videos are very encouraging. I will definitely try this instead of th painful box braid experience.

  56. Gina

    I would love to try this style on my granddaughter hair. Just not sure how many packs of hair I would need and will it be too heavy for her.

  57. CoilySue86

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love the way havana twists look! I want them, but I am afraid to install them myself. However, I won’t know until I try. I may also, have to look on youtube, how they wash their hair with the twists in. Then, that way I can be very much prepared on how to take care of my hair and the twists to get the most out of them.

  58. JeriGrl

    I’ve been practicing my braiding skills so I can do this style! I’ve had the hair for a month now and plan to make this my winter protective style.

  59. Cleopatra

    I love the mambo havana twist crochet hair but unfortunately I cannot find it in 12 inches. I’ll be so happy when I do find it!

  60. Candi Supersweet Stressfree

    When I first saw the previous twisted versions I was excited. I thought finally something I can do to my own hair! I wanted to find it in blue or bright red but all the online shops seemed to be sold out every time I checked. Bss haven’t had any in Stock in my area either. But I’ll keep looking because I need to keep my hands out of my hair!

  61. Dede

    Ever since I heard about crochet hair I fell in love with it.? Crochet hair is a great protective style.? I actually pre-curl/pre-twist and install my crochet hair on my own. I developed a clientele as well.?

    So far so good. We’ve experienced growth, relaxation from manipulation on the hair and fabulousness.???

    Imagine I was hesitant about crochet hair at first but I don’t regret it now.

    Give crochet hair a try everyone.
    I’d recommend it any day.?

    We all need a break from manipulation on the hair at times. Matter of fact, our hair loves it too.?

  62. Alia Johnson

    I’m amazed by the many options of protective natural hairstyles! I never tried crochet braiding before, but from viewing the gallery and videos I’m Interested in trying, the fact that it looks like it can be your own hair is really cool (they are beautiful) and you can wash and clean your scalp is a good thing. Also, being that it’s a fast convent hairstyle,is a plus for me. hope to try this method of hairstyle for the new year, will do more research and look for the best hairstylist that can do it for me.

  63. Ceondrea Phillips

    Yaaasssssssss!!!! I have always wanted to do crotchet havana twists!! And just crochet braids in general lol but, I have been so scared. I felt like there were so many different components but, now I see that I just haven’t watched enough videos or at least the ones to answer all of my questions. I also watched a girl make her own wig out of havana twists that she used some time ago with crotchet braids. I kind of want to start making wigs now lol. I have been so confined to my protective styles such as braids, twists, and yarn braids that I have been a bit scared to venture off but, now is the time to spread my protective wings and fly lol. I guess I’m just feeling inspired again to try something new with my hair again. For me, some time ago yarn braids was very knew but, then I finally did it lol. Now crochet braids are new lol.

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