Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review


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  1. Jana

    I love this product line. I haven’t quite figured out how to use the moisture milk, so if u have a tip, I’m listening. I love this curling cream and I’m glad you mentioned hold. I wondered why my style wouldn’t last as long as I’d like. I have not met a gel that has not spanked my rear! I’m so afraid of gel. It has always made my hair porous and damaged. Eco styler is out, for me; not having much joy with aloe gel, tho its new to me; damage from tahlia waajid line; and a variety of edge controls have done me a disservice. I have had repair success with JBCO!!! Woo hoo, return of the healthy edges!!! PLEASE ADVISE for my 4B/C, something that will help with hold. Thanks and I love your videos.

  2. Kenya

    I use this line of products and I love it… I am a mother of 4 so it’s a great quality product for a little of nothing! I agree with everything you said about it, it’s very lightweight which is what I love about it. It does leave the hair with a dry look, but I just spray with a shine mist and keep it moving. BTW: you are the BEST! love ya

  3. RuthP

    I love the whole line been using it for a year now. I love the way my hair smells and look after each use. The curly cream give me some shine but again it depends of you type hair.
    It’s work miracle on my 14yrs daughter she got curly wavy dry hair.
    At Jana I use the moisture milk after the leaving conditioner and I put the curling cream after the milk. It work like a gel on my hair.

  4. Coco Diva

    I use this every night to dry twist and then I curl my ends with satin wrapped sponge rollers (I can’t sleep on the rods) and I love it! I use Eco argon gel with it and my curls are hydrated and defined and I have almost no frizz, even when it’s humid. I use a little of the moisture milk when I take my twists out. I’ve tried other curling creams but I always come back to this one! I love the way it smells and how it moisturizes my hair and the price! I have an older gentleman that I work with who comes in to my office at least once a day because he loves the way it smells and it’s because of the Cantu curling cream!

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