Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair Slayed During Family Mediterranean Vacation

Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z went on an end of summer family vacation cruising along the Mediterranean aboard a luxurious yacht—oh, the glam life. They made stops in Italy and France, swimming in the Mediterranean and dining in class. I’ve been loving the ultra-glam photos of Blue Ivy and her beautiful natural hair.

As a mom of a little girl a little younger then Blue, and a Beyonce fanatic, I love that Beyonce styles Blue’s hair in the same cute easy styles that we all do. One puff, One puff with bangs, and Two puffs. These three styles are life savers. Add some accessories to take it up a notch and you’re little girl is good to go.

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  1. LaNessa

    I was so in love with her hair and overall style the whole trip. I love that they let her be naturally a free child!!

  2. Jasmine Nieves

    Blue is killing it with the flower power!! I love that her family embraces her naturally beautiful hair by letting her wear it wild and free. She is going to grow up to be a confident beauty just like her mom.

  3. kimberly brooks

    I fell in love with this little girl from the start. She grows more beautiful everyday. These are some great photos

  4. MalloryLeigh McDougal

    She looks just like her mom, and her hair is so adorable I wish I could get my hair to look like that ?

  5. Danielle Stuckey

    Yesssssss Jenell!! I love me some Bey! I’m so happy she’s showing the word that it’s ok to be natural through her daughter!

  6. Jessalyn Marshall

    I love it! I’m proud of Beyoncé for allowing her to embrace her natural hair and let her be he best Blue Ivy she can be!

  7. Jerri Smith

    I have never seen s problem with her hair. I always loved the fact that they let it run free. She’s s beautiful girl and her hair does look cute÷

  8. Sandra Balanga

    I like the fact they make time for family, she will grow to cherish this moments.
    Btw, is that floral dress from target? It looks like it.

  9. London Colvin

    I LOVE Blue Ivys natural hair. And I love that they actually take time to do it and not just assume that because she’s natural they should just allow her fro to be out all the time. She’s a beautiful little girl and they ebrace her beauty so wonderfully

  10. Weslee

    I love how Beyoncé has blue rocking her natural hair. It definitely made a statement for society for us natural girls. It’s okay to rock a fro, natural is beautiful, untouched hair is beautiful, and so on. I LOVE IT

  11. Auset

    Blue Ivy’s hair is truly beautiful . The fact that she is a little “naturalista” herself , really makes me see natural hair differently as a whole. Omg! She will be to die for when she gets older & all of that NATURAL HAIR!

  12. Kayree Simmons

    So glad that folks have stopped adding their opinion about Blue’s hair. She just a baby and she should & does look it.

  13. Shanay Fisher

    I’m happy that more African American women are becoming more acceptable of natural hair for their young girls! To me this helps with self love and teachs them that they can wear nice hairdo’s too! I’m glad Beyonce choose this route for her precious little princess!

  14. joni

    Blue Ivy is too cute in her little puffs. What’s also great is that her hair looks healthy and soft. I hope she keeps growing and loving her natural hair so that she herself can be an example of self acceptance when she is older.

  15. Kamellia Jackson

    I love that parents aren’t doing what they used to and are allowing these beautiful babies to wear their natural hair! It’s a trend I pray remains

  16. Kiara Hines

    Blue is so adorable. I’m so glad they decided to keep her hair the way it is. She is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see what her hair will be like in the future, especially ehen she gets to take control of it herself.

  17. Dakotah Eason

    I love that they are such a famous family but are still letting their daughter enjoy the beauty and versatility of her natural curls. They aren’t falling into what what people think is pretty like straightening or relaxing her hair.

  18. Monica F Roberts

    I’m not sure why everyone was so hard in blue ivys hair before, she’s a lil girl jot a superstar with a glam squad. She doesn’t need to do anything bit be a kid.

  19. Shari

    I love that Bey is allowing her daughter to hang so freely and letting her natural hair been worn in a way that all of us grow up rocking. Classic beauty never dies and I love that she is teaching her daughter to love her natural hair and that it can be so versatile as well.

  20. Jaye Moní

    1st off Blue Ivy is so darn adorbs!!! The perfect little morph of Beyonce & Jay Z. I just love that Bey & Jay are teaching Blue to be such a free spirit, much like her Auntie Solonge. They are grooming her at a young tender age to accept her natural beauty & to accept who she is as a beauty BLACK girl who ROCKS! I love the versatility of the styles that they give her. And Little Miss Blue is the Princess of hair accessories honey! Whether it be bows, a flower crown, a headband, or Minnie Mouse ears, Blue is going to give you some accessories. ;-}

  21. Keyayang Wallace

    Honestly l think they should stop following these people and leave blue ivy hair alone her mother and every other mother can take care of their baby hair and style like they want to long as they not harming their child. They always want to have something to talk about.

  22. Nadine Cash-Eans

    Blue Ivy is the cutest little girl. She has Jay Z written all over her face. lol I love her hair and I love the fact that even though Beyoncé rocks her long blond tresses, she still allows Blue Ivy to be a little girl with hairstyles that aren’t too grown up. Puffs are adorable.

  23. Shelana

    I like the puff with bangs! She is such a beautiful child! I hope they let her keep on rocking her lovely hair. I think I may try that style myself having big chopped in April and still rocking a long-ish TWA

  24. Mz. Nishia Star

    She is so beautiful. I’m so glad someone it’s writing positive articles about her. I’m not a fan if putting children in the spotlight. Let her enjoy her childhood.

  25. shellon

    this little cutie looks so much like her dad,love the puffs they are so cute,makes me wanna be a little girl again,i don’t have any kids of my own but i do my niece hair like that a lot

  26. Jess

    I love Blue’s hair. I HATE that people are cosntantly comparing her hair to North. Can’t we just celebrate natural hair across the spectrum of texture? She’s such a cutie and I think her wild curls match her sassy little personality. Yasss Blue Blue. I saw her at Global Citizen and she’s such a cool cat.

  27. Precious McKay

    I think Blue is so cute and adorable in her puffs. I used to be afraid of having a little girl because I wouldn’t know how to care for her hair. Since giving up the relaxer and learning how to take care of my natural hair, I think I would be able to now.

  28. El Price

    Love Blue Ivy…it seems that blogs have finally shut up and
    stopped saying “Beyoncé doesn’t comb Blue Ivy’s hair”. She a little girl and doesn’t
    need that extra. I can appreciate the puff and simple styles all that
    extra is too much manipulation to the hair. Love all the photos of Blue; she
    looks so happy and content.

  29. deborah love

    I love everything about that child. She’s appropriate in her clothing, hair styles & looks like a happy well adjusted child. She looks so happy and loved.

  30. Domonique Robinson Brown

    I like that she has the same cute styles that are easy but still cute for every little girl… My daughter is 3 and I find keeping her hair in braids work better than having parts out for too long because she has a problem with pulling at her hair

  31. Lisa Arnold

    Every time I see a picture of Blue Ivy, Beyonce ALWAYS have her hair in adorable styles. So glad she decided to introduce her to the natural world, she honestly wears it well.

  32. Shanea Denise

    At 3 years old I was getting braid extensions from the Africans and I had my first full weave at 10. It is sad that little girls wearing their natural is considered not done. I love Beyonce for this its important for her to be a child. I can image how long her hair will be in years to come.

  33. Simone Sang

    She is a beautiful little girl and you can tell her parents are in love with her. I love how they have Blue looking like a little girl. I didn’t understand all that negative talk about her hair, she was one and two what do people expect her parents to do with hair. She has healthy looking hair because too much stress was not put on it while she was a baby. Keep up the good work parents.

  34. Danielle LakersCrabbe-Bethune

    I love that Blue looks like a little girl, especially because of her natural puffs. I don’t understand why people are so mean and judgmental because Beyonce’ chooses to keep her daughter looking like a little girl.

  35. Jackie Penn

    These pictures of Blue Ivy are adorable. Kudos to Beyonce for keeping her hair in its natural state. I also love reading a positive post about Blue Ivy’s hair after reading negative talk about her hair. When it comes down to it, Blue Ivy is a little girl and learning how to care for natural hair is a process.

  36. Tierra Nesbitt

    Blue Ivy so cute. I love that with all the fame she still keeps her looking like a little girl. I love the picture of her with the 2 bows and ponytails. I hope she keeps her hair natural despite all the negative comments people make.

  37. Monee Pretty Blessed Johnson

    Blue Ivy is too adorable. i love her curls so much. She looks so happy and relaxed. ☺

  38. asaana

    I’m so glad Beyoncé is teaching Blue to love her curls. Most kids get distracted by all the 1-2 type hair and begins to hate their own 3-4 type curly hair. I have more respect for Beyoncé as a mom now 🙂

  39. Maxine Moore-thomas

    First of all I must say that I never understood what all the fuss was about her hair… She’s always been a beautiful child with lovely hair.. People are now just starting to see what’s always been there… A gorgeous child with gorgeous hair…carry on!!!

  40. Khristina Harris

    Just because her hair was slicked down all the time doesn’t mean her hair was a mess. I love how she keeps her looking like a little girl. She doesn’t make her look or dress older than she is.

  41. Chasity

    I’m glad that Beyoncé keeps it cute and simple with her daughter’s hair. SHe keeps her looking like a little girl and is teaching her to love her hair the way it is, I wish I had that encouragement. Go Beyoncé !

  42. Trice

    Im glad Blue Ivy wears her hair natural. I think it looks cute no matter how its styled. It shows other parents and little girls that our natural hair is beautiful in any state.

  43. nessa234

    I love Blue Ivy hair. I hope she keeps it natural when she gets older. I became natural because i wanted my daughter to stay natural. I tell my daughter she is beautiful almost everyday

  44. Ornella Williams

    I think her hair looks good and that people shouldn’t have been attacking them before because of her hair. She’s a child.

  45. Cynthia Mobley

    Blue ivy is so gorgeous. I love her little cute hairstyles. She’s looking more and more like her dad as she gets older.

  46. chicarra

    I feel that as a society we had allowed others decide what the definition of beauty is. I appreciate the fact that Beyonce hasn’t allowed the media to dictate how should address her daughters overall beauty.

  47. Darlene Mrsjaylove Howard

    People always want to speak bad on celebrities. I love blue ivy hair and her natural curls. Natural beauty is beautiful, and I commend the Carter’s on ignoring the haters.

  48. Alicia Wilson

    She is rocking those styles. The puff and bang I’m still trying master for me, that little girl gives me so much inspiration for my hair.

  49. Erica Amaning

    i adore her hair, but i don’t understand why people are debating which hair is better ; Norths hair or Blues hair. like in my opinion i both love them equally! i really hope Beyonce never relaxes/telaxes her hair, its beauty.

  50. Sandra Vaughan

    Such a beautiful little girl, hope she continues being confident in her natural hair. Wish my hair had been as on point during my childhood as hers is. LOL, seeing who her parents are I’m sure she’ll have no problem keeping that confidence though

  51. Veronica Jones

    Love the puffs! So happy though that she hase started styling her hair absolutely does give it life.. love it! #allnaturale!

  52. Brittney K Harris

    I love the fact that she’s keeping her natural. So many little girls get relaxers and young ages…the beginning of the hair crack smh. Beautiful Blue!!!!

  53. Roy-yunna Thomas

    I think she’s adorable with her natural hair and even more so that it’s the same style we grew up with

  54. Candi Supersweet Stressfree

    I’m glad people seem to have stopped hating on this baby’s hair. She is beautiful and so is her hair. And yes, the two puffs and a bang is a staple, lol. I’m planning a whole Halloween costume around it.

  55. Alia Johnson

    I am happy that beyonce is keeping her daughter hair natural. blue ivy hair is adorable, there should be no hate or any comparison with others of what hair texture appears better. All natural hair is beautiful! I feel parents should keep their kids hair in a natural state, don’t destroy by Perming or putting weave in their hair. Also, adding weave at an early age is just too much,let a kid be a kid and dress like a kid.

  56. Ceondrea Phillips

    I think the little girl is cute. She looks like a little pixie to me lol. Personally, I believe that the media will always find something negative to say about anyone in the spotlight of the world and, unfortunately they will scoop down to degrading a child’s hair. I am happy that as a mother, Beyonce isn’t paying the media any mind and, changing her daughter to fit the expectations of the media. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Blue Ivy’s hair. It’s natural, its free. It’s her. I hope as that little one grows older she pays no mind to the media’s expectations and, comparisons of her to other children.

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