Blue Ivy’s Hair Is Perfect and You Should Shut Up About It


I don’t know if you personally have issues with Blue Ivy’s hair, but amongst most of the women that run in my circle, we have no problem with that babies hair.  I personally keep both of my kids hair in an afro and have said to friends and family that they are my babies and I’ll do what I want.  In an article written by Kara Brown over on Jezebel she shared that one of the host of BET, Karrueche Tran, cracked a joke about Blue Ivy and I think that is so distasteful!


Here’s an excerpt from her piece.

I cannot believe we have to have this conversation. Although I see it over and over again, I continue to be stunned by the complete lack of respect and utter disregard their wellbeing that is shown towards little black girls. With that in mind, I’m not sure why I expected things to be any different for Blue Ivy Carter.

When Jay Z and Beyoncé welcomed their first child into the world, there was naturally a lot of excitement. Two of the most famous humans on Earth procreated—of course we’re going to be interested. Initially, there were a lot of jokes about Blue Ivy but most were humorous takes on the observation that, wow, Blue Ivy is a newborn and already has a better life than I do. They were funny and lighthearted and didn’t make her the butt of the joke.

But as Blue Ivy got older and we began seeing more of her, some of the commentary shifted to cruel wisecracks about her appearance. The most recent and high profile occurrence came yesterday during an episode of BET’s 106th & Park when Karrueche Tran—who is known solely for putting up with dating Chris Brown–joked that Blue Ivy’s parents never comb her hair. Even though it obviously wasn’t written by her, the joke was unfunny and rude and stupid. Read more.

Why why why won’t people leave this baby?  She’s beautiful and doesn’t deserve all the negativity.  It’s so hurtful how in our black community people are so judgmental.  We are so cruel to each other about every single thing and I’m sick of it.  Not everyone is going to be light skin. Not everyone is going to have silky curly hair. But not having these physical traits doesn’t make you any less beautiful than someone who does.  Be sure to read the rest of the article to learn about some of the historical contexts and Kara discusses how Blue Ivy and North West are talked about very differently because Blue Ivy’s hair texture is nappy/kinky/textured.

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  1. Eat.Style.Play

    Folks, need to grow up. I’ve seen people fight and argue in the past over this childs hair. While she’e sitting here eating, traveling, and being raised well but two parents that love her. Let those folks live…

  2. DeeVah DeeLites

    I am so done with people and their foolishness… I am not a big Beyoncé or Jay-Z fan, but their baby is so cute and she is a child, and should
    Be off limits!!!! Shame on BET for their crass behavior.

  3. Tieasha S.

    I’m a die hard Bey & Jay fan, but if I wasn’t I still don’t condone speaking ill about their child. She can’t defend herself and shouldn’t have to. There are some nasty people walking around. Seriously, leave that baby alone and change the conversation.

  4. BlueCornMoon


  5. queenbee9

    CIRCULAR article about a child that is upset about anyone talking about a child.

    Blu Ivy Carter… there is something strange about the amount of time Americans spend deeply involved in the lives of people they do not and will probably NEVER know. Not just black Americans but ALL Americans.

    It is as if personal lives are so bereft of meaning and value that many live vicariously through the lives of stars and vloggers and anyone who “puts themselves out there” Meanwhile according to the IPCC (the UN International Governmental Panel on Climate Change) Humans are on the verge of becoming extinct by 2040-2070 with many animal species dying off within the next 14 years and potentially over 35% – 75% of HUMANS all around the globe to be DEAD somewhere around 2020-2030. This may of course, include many Americans.

    That is anywhere from 6 to 16 years from now.


    How many blacks are prepared for what is about to happen (is already happening) not only in Africa and China and India but in the USA?

    How many blacks are aware that we have a water shortage in large parts of the US and that states such as AZ, CA, NM, TX have to BUY most of the water they provide to their citizens and their sources are running out?

    How many of us are aware of the methane releases NASA has been observing from space in our oceans and what it means?

    Not Many. I doubt less than 1% of blacks have prepared GARDENS or have independent water sources. Most live in urban areas and rely on stores. I doubt many will do much more than STARVE when fuel shortages do not allow trucks to deliver goods or when catastrophes overseas prevent many foods from reaching the stores.

    We get over 85% of our groceries from overseas now. If you get yours from the local food stand or farmer’s market–what will happen when MILLIONS try to join you there ? who gets there first? What will food rise to?

    This year, from April to Now there has been very little fresh spinach in stores… That’s one disruption due to the fact of how we are growing food for the masses (Problems in Cali meant many stores could not stock and sell spinach this spring)

    How many of you know that in many states due to the water shortage, TX and other states had to kill all of their cattle–this not only means beef prices went up, it means that coming this winter and next spring, there will be a shortage of beef.

    BUT THAT IS NOT ALL–we were told in 2005 that release of large amounts of Methane in the air would trigger a positive feed back loop that could propel the planet towards an Extinction level event.

    Has ANYONE been wondering when or how we have changed so much that we (as a nation) have :

    1. Adopted European highway markings and allowed ANYONE who meets our criteria to join our military no matter what country they come from (because we all family and get along now?)

    2.The US is working aside Russia studying the methane vents in Siberia because they were shocked to learn there were numerous 30 cm vents spewing methane in the Arctic in 2010.

    3. IN 2013 (November) a 150 km vent spewing methane was found. Look up methane and what it does to Greenhouse and what it did in Africa and what large amounts being released in the atmosphere means (it means we are either in or on the precipice of that negative feedback loop –a similar one millions of years ago killed off 95% of life on earth)

    4. The EPA is trying to get legislation passed that will allow them to CONTROL AND OWN any water way or water holdings including the ones you may dig in your back yard. They want the rights to be able to command and control not only what gets put into water (like your home pond or ditch) but eventually how you use that water WHY IS THAT? Water shortage bigger than anyone knows?

    I look around and hear blacks discussing all kinds of topics from movie stars to hair and clothes but NOT LOOKING AROUND THEM.

    If your municipal water source dries up or your wells run dry and they will in many places in the States due to farmers pumping out the aquifer water that many wells in certain areas rely on..


    If the trucks stop rolling or situations in other countries prevent food exports (even most fish sold in stores is from out of the country) WHAT WILL YOU EAT?

    What’s that? You will plant a garden? You will stock canned food?

    The situation we are facing as a PLANET will not be for a season–it will be for at least 10-30 YEARS– canned goods at most can last about 5 years and THEN WHAT?

    Grow a garden… if you wait until food starts being scarce to grow that garden OR if you use regular seeds (which now are sterile and will not reproduce true or at all in many cases the next year) HOW WILL Y OU EAT? It takes a season to grow food even if you have land–without food you will be dead in about 3 WEEKS.

    Many of you think you will live off the land? whose land? When everyone else who did not prepare will do the same thing? How long would it take over 300 million desperate and starving people to kill off all the animals? Eat all the plants? What will all the city people eat?


    Blu Ivy’s hair… is not relevant. Blu Ivy will be alright or at least she will until money no longer means anything (it can’t buy what ain’t there to sell)

    People, ESPECIALLY Black people need to pay attention to what is going on around them–NOT FLUFF like all the distracting BS about movie stars or their children or youtube and twitter feeds or happy hour or “how to keep your man” Take a good look–we have had a good % of Congress for some reason buy land in Paraguay–which happens to be in the Southern Hemisphere (the US is in the Northern Hemisphere) Why the Southern Hemisphere? Well, one reason is the positive loops we have now in the Northern Hemisphere are supposed to not hit the southern Hemisphere until at least 2 years later. That buys time–for some of us–

    NOT for you or me. The reason people talk about this issue and other irrelevant tripe is because these are DISTRACTIONS. If the public is kept distracted, they will not panic or freak out, they will be CLUELESS and will not go kicking and screaming into that “gentle night” but instead will go gently (at least until more people like Tina Turner leave the states and they begin to sense something “MORE” is going on.

    this is not paranoid hype–the IPCC is a conservative UN think tank which includes many Professors and experts from the US. I am betting most of you NEVER heard any of the things I just wrote and think “global warming” just means unpredictable weather or nicer winters.

    it means way more than that–it means no water in many places used to having water–in other places it means floods and bad weather (bad as in Katrina bad but in places you never expect) it means the sinking or flooding of coastal areas for perhaps the next few hundred thousand years and we are talking about permanent flooding of depths from 20 feet to over 100 feet.

    it means diseases in America that used to only exist in Africa or India and still have no cures.

    Just this June, in my hotel, I found an Assassin Bug also called a kissing bug–normally this bug is found deep in the jungles of South America and can carry a parasite called a Trypanosome which carries a disease that humans can catch called “Chagas disease” Chagas disease is deadly –that parasite burrows into the heart and kills you but it takes time–about 7-20 years. Global Warming and no immigration control means what used to only be in Tropical countries is now HERE in the states. We even have Ebola here. When diseases cross oceans now they mostly do it IN humans and diseases spread by rodents or insects do so by biting an infected human then carrying the disease in their own bodies then biting another human who then is also infected. (I am a scientist by college degree and training)

    So… Blu Ivy’s hair–your hair–how important is all of that?

    My dad used to say that ” if Everyone spent as much time minding their own business as they did trying to get into others, the world would be a lot better off”

    Maybe–but ALL OF US should have been minding the planet and MOST of US will not and therefore nightmare times are ahead. the US is not prepared for what is coming.

    For a more indepth synopsis go to youtube and watch “Going Dark” by Guy McPherson who used to be one of the foremost authorities on climate change before he took a position that made him a fringe doomsday speaker. but is he wrong? I thought so–I hoped so–but the more I have researched the more it looks like both He and Al Gore may be right and we all have been sleeping and FOCUSING on the irrelevant vs the important.

      • queenbee9

        Girl, you know I love hair and to talk about it–but not about OTHER people’s hair–my own or your own–real people we interact with yes–this is after all, a large part of our lives but is the hair of a superstar’s child a part of our lives? I guess my concerns are more pedestrian and local.

    • Nialee Mass

      wow Blacks don’t think, read, care, know…nope this is not true. I knew, cared, talked about, petitioned for against many of the subjects and issues you raises. You may need to go on YouTube and check a few videos, check online material, check books on Amazon and library to realize that Black Panthers, Young Lords and other organizations but especially individuals like David Banner and other artists, rappers (they grew, matured and saw and shared) talk about many of these issues, and some have been for a very long time.

  6. kinksandcoilsgalore

    I am already so sad because i can tell that she is gonna get weaves and relaxers in her future because her mother is beyonce and solange is natural which is fortunate and i hope she helps but since so many people critize her for having beautiful hair me as a 13 year old know that you want to live up to beauty standards and i dont want to im in love with natural hair and hope that she excepts it why does it matter anyway its not their hair its blues

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