60 Things Every Big Chopper Needs


 Many people, myself included, big chop and quickly find out that it’s much more than you planned for.  Friends and family don’t even understand what we are  emotionally going through.   We asked our curl friends on our FB Fanpage to share 3 things every big chopper needed as a way to garner more support for those of you who have done the BC (big chop) We received hundreds of replies.  I compiled my favorites below. Read all advice.

60 Things Every Big Chopper Needs

  2. A good hair regimen
  3. Confidence
  4. Deep Conditioner
  5. A rich moisturizer
  6. An IDGAF attitude
  7. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  8. Lipstick
  9. Patience
  10. Youtube
  11. Some fly earrings
  12. A good spray bottle
  13. A smart mouth to answer those who will have something negative to say, lol
  14. Makeup
  15. A good friend /friends to talk too
  16. Styling gel
  17. A good leave-in conditioner
  18. Aloe vera juice hair
  19. Hair Butter
  20. Patience
  21. 100% Satin Cap
  22. Strength
  23. To remember you are beautiful
  24. Sulfate free shampoo
  25. Coconut oil
  26. Real expectations
  27. Big choppers need to love themselves, so whatever comment comes their way she will love herself no matter what length her hair is.
  28. Embrace the process
  29. Giovanni’s Leave-in conditioner
  30. Denman Brush
  31. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  32. Satin Pillow Case
  34. Don’t obsess over it
  35. kinkycurlycoilyme.com! – we made the list!
  36. Self acceptance
  37. Know that water is your BFF
  38. A good stylist
  39. Realize that your hair will not look like every woman’s hair in the natural hair mag. It takes work and patience.
  40. Raw Shea Butter
  41. Remember to love your hair
  42. A Hair pick
  43. Bobby pins
  44. Lipgloss
  45. Boldness
  46. A wide tooth comb
  47. Ouchless head bands
  48. An experienced co-naturalista
  49. A hot hair color
  50. Tissue for the tears
  51. Thick skin
  52. Embrace the new and unique you
  53. A good back up wig
  54. Beanie caps
  55. hair accessories
  56. an open mind
  57. Butterfly Clips
  58. Storage for all your products
  59. Lots of conditioner for detangling
  60. A camera to take lots of pics-cherish your journey

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  1. MalloryLeigh McDougal

    #53 is so accurate for me! I can’t live without my back up wig lol, unfortunately the confidence hasn’t rolled in yet but im not giving up on the natural journey. I could never use a relaxer again ?

  2. Ang

    I used a wig for the first 3 months of my transition. I then had a stylist cut of some of the relaxed ends leaving me enough to install braids. After 3 months of wearing braids I had the rest of the relaxer cut off. I didn’t rock my own hair until i had enough to pull up into a decent puff. I wish I had done more research before the final cut, but I learned what to do while I was wearing my braids.
    I’m still on the search for a product that will minimize frizz. I’ve had plenty of days where I started out with a nice twist out just to end up with a puffy mess. Blow-drying seems to help.

  3. Renz Hanson

    Love this article lol…. When i did my big chop at first i cried at every clamp of the scissors, seeing my hair fall to the ground was traumatizing. But then i got up and looked in the mirror and i was amazed at how beautiful i was with my short natural hair. Best decision yet.

  4. KC

    lol yup!!! lots and lots of tissues for the tears. I must admit that i have a whole new sense of confidence tho! i might even big chop again just to try and strengthen the confidence I gained… i need some more!! lol

  5. Auset

    I was considering doing a big CHOP lol but I chickened out! I so see alot of women who look awesome with it tho! 🙂

  6. Ieisha

    #41 I have to tell my sister and friends all the time to love their hair regardless. It takes time to care for our hair. I watch your youtube videos all the time. So informative. Thank you. You are awesome.

  7. joni

    I think #6 is the most important. Many people agonize over getting a big chop because they are over thinking what other people will think of it. If you want to do it stop letting what other people think hinder your life.

  8. Shanay Fisher

    I had been watching YouTube after YouTube videos before I built up the courage to cut my hair off. I looked in the mirror and was like what hair you holding on too it could barely be in a healthy ponytail without looking stringy….I took those scissors and went to town!! I had been transitioning for abt 5 mths so I had a good amt of new growth I Bantu knotted my hair went to the beauty supply store got some nice earrings and went abt my day! My husband loves the natural hair he couldn’t deal with all the shedding of my Brazilian weaves! Best decision I have made!!!

  9. joni

    Also….everyone needs a good stylist. too many people out there do not know how to take care of black hair, yet still they set up shop and are ‘styling’. Research and ask questions so you know if the person is about the healthy hair life.

  10. Edna

    #55 was definitely my go to after my big chop. I used hair accessories to enhance my hair (short) because I wasn’t comfortable wearing wigs when I started my journey.

  11. Kamellia Jackson

    This WHOLE list was me and I’ve BC’d twice… Although trial and error should be on the list too because sooooo many times I tried things that so did not work but you have to know its okay to mess up and make mistakes

  12. Bronxgirl181

    I didn’t do the big chop, I transitioned through braids and eventually clipped of the remainder of the relaxed hair. That was 3.5 years ago! #LoveBeingNatural

  13. Pamela Adams

    I am on my 2nd bc and I love it!!! You have to have confidence in yourself to do a bc because let’s face it it’s drastic getting a bc but so worth it for me!!!!

  14. Veronica Hutchings

    I agree support is huge. The haters come as soon as the scissors drop. Align yourself with someone who gets it!

  15. Dede Smalls

    I so related to this article because I just did my second big chop. Each time was very freeing and I felt confident doing it.

  16. Jackie Penn

    Love this list!! I think I had almost everything on this list during my first year after I big chopped. I learned so much that year and I’m sure I will learn even more. Big chopping is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  17. Jerri Smith

    Where was this last when I big chopped? There are so many things I didn’t know when I first cut my hair. Luckily I’m still learning things that I can use now. I feel like my hair isn’t growing so this last will help me create a new routine.

  18. Erika Nikole

    lol! Great list. I was laughing so hard at # 6 and #13. We can’t worry about what others say about our hair. Love it!!!

  19. Garmah

    I think support is important as well as IDC attitude because you will hear people say some crazy remarks and if you do not have both of these things than people comments will get to you.

  20. Shari

    Support is definitely #1, I love that when I 1st big chopped how much my husband loved my hair and how much he kept telling me how beautiful I was. Returning to natural isn’t easy at 1st but going in and being previous with the right tools, such as on this list will make a world of difference in anyone’s natural hair journey. I am so glad I had channels like blakizbeautyful on YT that gave me tips and product recommendations of products to try and buy and also diy yourself recipes to allow my hair to grow strong and healthy.

  21. Keyayang Wallace

    That was a lot to need. Some people actually do need all of this. I personally can’t afford all of that right now so I am very low mantience. Little water cream and oil.

  22. Nadine Cash-Eans

    Love this list. Especially #48 “An experienced co-naturalista”. My BFF has been natural since around 2013 and lives in Australia and when she chose the natural route, she never tried to force it on me, and I was very supportive of her decision and even picked up some products here in the states to send her that she couldn’t find. Took me years after her, but when I decided to BC in July and let her know, she was my biggest cheerleader. I’ve learned so much from her 🙂

  23. Maria Raby

    I just big chopped… again! I wanted to grow my hair out for about six months at least. But I’m so impatient! LOL It’s so hard to see myself as beautiful when so many other people sees me as ugly because I don’t have long, pretty hair. This list helps so much. Thanks so much for posting it!

  24. Shelana

    Patience is the hardest for me! My hair is extremely thick so its hell to detangle, I actually have to get my mom to help me lol. So after I wash, she braids it and I rock a wig on weekdays to go to work 🙁

  25. Jylicious

    I never used a deep conditioner until about a year into my journey. I wonder where my hair would be now if I had.

  26. Precious McKay

    When I first did my big chop my ends were so puffy that they wouldn’t stay twisted. I decided to try a bentonite clay wash and it was amazing. I absolutely loved the way my hair looked afterwards. So I would add bentonite clay to the list.

      • Precious McKay

        I continue with bentonite clay washes at least once a month. I alternative shampooing and cowashing every 4 days. Will change it up for the winter since I will do protective styles.

  27. Jess

    Patience is the most important IMO. Youtube and IG will have you comparing your length and growth rate to everyone. Just remember hair grows as long as you care for it and there is no one size fits all hair regimen. You’re gonna go tough A LOT of trial and error.

  28. Phylicia Williams

    Creativity, and a willingness to try new things. If you try a new style and love it, own it, and don’t care if someone else doesn’t.

  29. MerkvCreole

    When I made the big chop, it really encouraged me to up the supply and creativity of my earrings. Now I have more earrings than I know what to do with. Lol!

  30. El Price

    I didn’t do the Big Chop but I do appreciate the list. All
    the things listed are also what I needed as I transitioned to natural. I’m a
    little late with #35 though, I just discovered kinkycurlycoilyme.com in April
    2015 J

  31. Deborah Love

    Yess! I big chopped and never looked back. .my love for short hair is high even when my hair was relaxed. A banging color and cut, make up on point, edgy earrings and that IDGAF attitude has people complimenting my every day. I love my hair. My hair is not a trend, it’s my lifestyle.

  32. Jametta Alston

    This is the list I wished I had before I chopped my hair and started to let it grow out naturally. I plan to show this to my daughter to encourage her to cut the damage hair and grow back stronger hair. I wish you had an article on how men deal with short and/or natural hair. Somehow, I cannot move her to number 6 on your list

  33. Simone Sang

    Patience was a big one for me, after I big chop my hair felt coarsed and took a while to start feeling soft again. I panicked a little but my husband and sisters were encouraging and almost a year later and I am very happy with my choice.

  34. Monee Pretty Blessed Johnson

    This is the best article about big chopping i have ever read. When i first big chopped, I had literally little to no support. I live in an urban neighborhood in Chicago, so i was expected to have long beautiful hair or weave. I got a lot of comments on me looking older than i was, and why would i cut all my hair off. I loved my short hair, but some WOMEN even told me i looked like a dike(sorry LGBT community). Going natural definitely takes an IDGAF attitude, because in the long run it will pay off. Then people will be lining up for hair tops and advice. ??

  35. Jennetta Rose

    I never really did the big chop. I just stopped putting chemicals in my hair and wore braids, weaves, and wigs for the past 10 years. I just decided two months ago to ditch the wig and go natural. I really do need a co-naturalista who knows a thing or two about how to do stay on this journey successfully! I do feel better about my decision though!

  36. asaana

    I love this list. I wish I had read it before but yes this is what you need, some inspiration, love, and patience. Cutting the hair was the easy part everything after takes some work. 🙂

  37. Shannon Manning

    Yes! I think everything was covered! Having a support system is great to have because my hubby supports me all the way! Large hoops just makes a big chop fierce!

    • Khristina Harris

      I winged it too lol. I went for a sew in and came home with a low cute. I knew that transitioning wasn’t for me. I couldn’t deal with the permed hair conflicting with the natural hair.

  38. Marsha

    #36 and 51…are very essential. Also remember….everyone went through the awkward stage with their hair.

  39. Chasity

    I have to wear a hat for my job and bobby pins saved my life. It took quite a few to get the job done but they saved me from breaking down and just straightening my hair

  40. tisha

    I will be big chopping soon. I’ve been transitioning for a year. Even tho I’m excited, I’m still a little nervous. But I have used youtube as a resource to help me with transitioning and it has help me a lot so it will continue be a resource for me.

  41. Trice

    oh how I wish I had this list back a few weeks ago. I sure have learned to love myself even more and I grew thick skin. thank goodness I have supportive friends and family who have helped me along this new found journey. I am so in love with natural hair, more than I thought I would.

  42. Teamiska

    I honestly love this. Wish it was avaible to a year ago wow how awsome is this. I would share this for other ladies

  43. Melody

    This is a great list sis that I wish was available when I originally did my 1st big chop in 2000. Nevertheless, I am glad it’s
    available for the newbies that are embracing their natural hair. I’m excited to share this list with ladies who are contemplating on going natural but need some education first to prepare themselves to be liberated. Cheers!

  44. Darlene Mrsjaylove Howard

    Omg I needed this list last year. This list is great. I’m still going to make a copy for my friends who are transitioning. Thanks Jenell you have been very helpful during my transition. Love you girl.

  45. Deanna Mosley

    This list would’ve been great when I big chopped. I think something that everyone needs is to keep perspective as well. Growing hair in general is an ongoing process and I definitely have good hair days and bad hair days. Just remember that those bad days will always turn into good days; and never forget to love yourself and your hair!

  46. Sharon D Johnson

    I stopped relaxing my hair 5 years ago this month (Oct. 2010). Then I chopped the relaxed length off the next year (Oct. 2011). I had some trial and error re: getting my hair regimen down. LOL. I learned really fast that my dry hair required some new moisturizing and styling products if I wanted to “air dry”! I also learned that I needed to twist my hair before going to bed. Four years later, I’m good. Got my regimen down, and still playing!

  47. Janice Lyoness

    I big chopped in 2006 living on the west coast with no knowledge of what I was getting myself into. I have been through hell and back with this mane of mine but through it all I remained my natural self. almost 10 years later I am starting to stly my hair more and use products, along with healthy eating Im seeing the difference!

  48. Erica Amaning

    oh lord!!! thank you for this 😀 i recently just big chopped 2 weeks ago and im struggling. im 15 and my mom big chopped for me… she obviously didn’t cut all of the relaxed ends so shes going to take me to a natural/black salon so they can continue to chop it all off….after the salon on Saturday i will be revisiting this post so it could help me!!

  49. Sandra Vaughan

    LOL, this article is perfect for my friend. She’s been thinking about chopping for a while now. I think it’ll look great on her but told her she’d need some awesome earrings.

  50. Veronica Jones

    Great article! Also add: accept your curls, your curls will NOT look like my curls. Enjoy the journeyn learn and grow within this journey. I big chopped4 mos ago and fell in love all over agin! I have some stubborn spots but I love every bit of if.
    I don’t care too much about length, the health of it is awesome!

  51. Fleeta

    BIG CHOPPER NEEDS!!! I agree we need to above all embrace the process. We watch so many youtube videos and expect our hair to grow overnight when in fact some of the vloggers are on their 2nd or 3rd big chop it’s a process of learning your hair and scalp what it’s needs are and giving it what it needs.

  52. Gina

    I’m going to have to sure tuis article with my daughter she is afraid to do a bc.. Maybe after she reads this she will be more open to it. Thanks

  53. Roy-yunna Thomas

    I have the IDGAF attitude down packed……my boss kept looking at my hair yesterday, had it in a little fro and I kept smiling as usual

  54. Candi Supersweet Stressfree

    The first time I went natural, I was super self conscious and really had no idea how to take care of my hair. It caused me to eventually relax my hair again. I’m so glad I have that support now and the attitude is not so much idgaf as it is about self love! Although that’s probably the cause of it.

  55. Alia Johnson

    When I decided to big chopped my hair last year April, I was excited because I put my hair through too much heat damage from constant flat ironing. All I wanted was for my hair grow back to its natural state, it was annoying having to deal with two textures. Why hold on to unhealthy strands of hair? I enjoyed having shorter hair, it was easier. I think it’s just a faster mdthod when big chopping. Plus to keep in mind as a big chopper, it’s a great way to document,record and to take pictures of the years of your natural hair journey!! These are great tips for a future big chopper that is skeptical or scared!!!

  56. Kymber Lee-Coleman

    I post my answer to this on the FB page and I posting a screen shot of it on here to share my advice ??

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