6 Fall Superfoods for Gorgeous Hair and Skin


The seasonal changes not only effect the trees but our hair and skin. Being that Fall is the time of year when the leaves change from green to bright reds, oranges and browns. I’ve created a list of 5 amazing green, red, orange and brown super foods recommended by Nutritionist Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, author of The Beauty Diet. The answer to all your hair needs can be solved by incorporating these delicious foods.



This leafy green vegetable is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Spinach is loaded with lutein, which keeps your eyes healthy and sparkling. Spinach is also a good source of vitamins B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Trade your lettuce for spinach, or saute spinach for a quick, healthy side. I add spinach to my daily green smoothies for a delicious pick me up.



Wild Salmon
Wild salmon — not farm-raised — is one of the best food sources for omega-3 fatty acids, which helps keep your skin supple and moisturized. Salmon also has selenium, a mineral that protects the skin from sun exposure. The vitamin D in salmon keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy, too. You won’t have a problem adding salmon to your diet since there are hundreds of ways to enjoy this beauty superfood. Try it grilled, baked, in your pasta, with a salad, in sushi, or just with a side of asparagus.

Tomatoes are the best source of the anti-aging antioxidant lycopene. Surprisingly, lycopene in tomatoes is more easily absorbed by your body when it is cooked or processed, so make sure to stock up on canned tomato sauce, tomato juice, and ketchup.



Sweet Potatoes
You should be eating this superfood more often than just at Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, an antioxidant that fights aging.  Eat them mashed, baked whole, or baked as fries.

stack of dark chocolate

stack of dark chocolate


You don’t need to eat cupfuls of walnuts to enjoy their many benefits: smoother skin, healthy hair, brighter eyes, and strong bones. Get your daily dose of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E by eating a handful by themselves or throwing some in your salad, pasta, or dessert.

Dark Chocolate
We won’t judge you if you keep a secret stash of chocolate in your purse or desk (or both). In fact, we recommend you do — especially if you’re willing to share. Dark chocolate helps skin stay hydrated and protects skin from sun damage, and contrary to popular belief, chocolate does not cause acne. Before you make a mad dash to Godiva or Ghirardelli, however, keep in mind that the best kind of chocolate has a high flavanol content and should be at least 60 percent cacao.

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  1. Ms. A

    So true fresh vegetables vs. canned have no comparison. Fresh veggies are packed with nutrients and contain less sodium than canned foods.

  2. LaNessa

    I have actually been researching these super foods for a while now. I love fresh fruits and veggies. Most of the items on the list are things that I love; I just need to start eating more of them. Thanks for the great info!!

  3. Jasmine Nieves

    Sweet potatoes are a weekly favorite in my home. Love them.. simply sliced into think chunks.. some EEVO and my favorite spice seasoning mix.. backed in the over for 30 minutes.. SUPER YUMMMS

  4. MalloryLeigh McDougal

    A group on Facebook was just saying these items benefit hair growth but I didn’t understand how until now , good thing i eat most of these foods… Might not be enough though lol

  5. Cynthia

    Excellent article! I feel that these superfoods are essential for your overall health and well being. It it important supply your body with healthy foods and the added benefit of healthy strong hair is icing on the cake.

  6. Ang

    In my efforts to lose weight I’ve incorporated spinach into my protein shakes and I’ve been eating more salads with tomatoes. I bought some sweet potatoes, but never used them :(. I need to buy some more and actually eat them this time. I have salmon too, just need to cook it as well.
    I know what to do, just need to do it. A healthier body and awesome hair are 2 of my goals.

  7. Michelle Daniels

    Thanks for this! I love spinich but I’m looking forward to more intake with daily smoothies and this reminded me about my love for sweet potatoes. Definitely need to incorporate them into my diet more!

  8. Joya L. Joseph

    We currently eat all of those things on a regular basis in my household except walnuts and dark chocolate. You don’t have to tell me twice to eat chocolate haha. Thanks!

  9. Millennial Mama

    This is where the smoothies come in! It’s hard to keep up with the daily vitamins with a busy schedule 🙂

  10. Auset

    Really?! Dark chocolate? I never knew that. I take omega-3 pills each day because I just can’t seem to get with salmon sometimes…does that count as well? I sure hope so! Thankyou Mrs J. ^_^

  11. Sandra Balanga

    Janel, our sweet potatoes (in Angola), are not orange, they are whitish on the inside. Do they still fall under superfoods?

  12. Kayree Simmons

    I love, and pretty regularly eat most of these foods. I guess it’s not just good genes keeping my hair growing….lol
    Can’t get with the nuts though….don’t like most nuts or any nut butters.

  13. Edna

    Green smoothie has been my go to breakfast for a couple of years now and it’s the best way to incorporate these super foods into your diet.

  14. Kiara Hines

    I just recently added most of these foods to my diet, particularly spinach and sweet potatoes, and I can already tell the difference in my skin. My face is so much clearer. I’m so glad dark chocolate made the list too! Of course I’ll be too happy to try that out as well.

  15. Bronxgirl181

    All the foods I already love and use! I have so many people tell me how beautiful and glowing my skin is. Spinach on every sandwich!

  16. Jerri Smith

    I’m so excited about this list. I eat everything in it except the walnuts. I guess I should increase my intake of them. My hope is that eating these foods and taking vitamins will help my hair and skin.

  17. Tiffany InspireMe Creatively

    This lis is everything! #autumn superfoods are spectacular. I am trying to cook heartier meals and incorporate more of the items listed above. I just got excited all over again. I was surprised to see sweet potatoes on this list. Such a win! Totally headed to the kitchen now…

  18. Erika Nikole

    Spinach is my favorite vegetable. I can eat a can of it in one setting. lol! I can eat most things listed on here but the salmon. That smell and taste is a no for me.

  19. Kamille Fields

    I absolutely love all of these foods and i already have contributed some of them into my diet, i hope they are working on my hair!??

  20. Shalaynia A. Hairston

    Spinach and Salmon should be my middle name! Lol. I put spinach in EVERYTHING, its one of my favorite vegetables, next to Brussels sprouts.

  21. Stephanie

    As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” What we take in, reflects outwardly. With the convenience of processed foods, it can be difficult to make healthy choices. However, with the presence of such illnesses, as diabetes and high blood pressure, taking better care of ourselves should be of the utmost importance.

  22. Juliana

    When I started my fitness journey, I started eating much better and many of the foods on this list and I can absolutely say my skin and hair have been thriving. I definitely see why people say beauty starts on the inside.

  23. Shari

    I love every single superfood on this list, I especially love that chocolate is on it. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate. It truly is easy to incorporate these veggies in our diet. I love adding fresh spinach and making green smoothies. I love having roasted sweet potatoes with and sprinkle of cinnamon and coconut oil and a fillet of salmon. Tomatoes I can only eat on a sandwich or chopped up in a salad, for me it a texture thing. I do know that when I add more of these superfoods to my diet, I have more energy and my hair is shiner and skin is way clearer. Wow this just made me hungry.

  24. Jaye Moní

    Just as everyone has seemed to say, all of these foods are great, especially the dark chocolate. For about the past year I changed a few of my eating habits because, let’s face it, I’m getting older & I noticed that I wasn’t processing food like I use to. I use to eat 3 McDoubles, fries, & a soda from McDonald’s & he just as happy. But nowadays if I even look at a McDonald’s sign my gut grows. :-{ Anywho, 1 of my changes was the types of chocolate I was eating (since I don’t each much of any other sweets or candy), so I switched over to dark chocolate so that I could indulge & bulk up on antioxidants at the same time. All these great foods listed gave me a great idea for dinner; Wild Salmon with a tomato salsa, with wild rice & sweet potatoes, spinach & kale salad, with some dark chocolate for dessert. YUM!!!! I will have enough walnuts during the holiday season from both Thanksgiving & Christmas.

  25. Nadine Cash-Eans

    Love this list. Any chocolate I buy (especially for hubby who LOVESSS chocolate) is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is higher in antioxidants which helps fight radicals (pollution, toxins, etc). Another one of my faves on the list is spinach. Every smoothie I make, spinach is the main ingredient.

  26. Maria Raby

    I like to eat baked or grilled salon with asparagus on the side. I actually have it on our menu for next week. And spinach is so much better to me than iceberg lettuce. I switch it out whenever I can. I do need to incorporate sweet potatoes in my diet more often. They’re such an affordable veggie but I always brush them to the side. Time to start making changes!

  27. Zena

    I don’t eat sweet potatoes but I’ve become a spinach fan over the past few months I can use it in smoothies or on sandwiches and it provides the same feel as lettuce and is more nutritious!!

  28. Ebony Baker-Jamerson

    I practically eat everything but walnuts. I will, however, be planning on incorporating more things into my daily diet because I am in the process of going vegatarian. I’m slowly adding more beans, nuts, and fruits and veggies and getting rid of meat one at a time. So I know these superfoods will be some of my favorites.

  29. Shelana

    Hmm would it be crazy of me to make a salad of sorts with all these ingredients? lol I love spinach and sweet potatoes though and I’ve found them to give my skin a nice glow

  30. Jylicious

    Just goes to show that healthy hair comes from healthy bodies. These are foods I should be (and mostly do) eat anyway.

  31. Mz. Nishia Star

    I love walnuts and did not know they were a super food. They are so pricey in stores and I tend not to buy them often. I will be changing my habits this month.

  32. Jamaya Lovè

    I love avocados they work well in your hair and they are delicious diet is a big part! Of hair skin and everything

  33. Jess

    These are staples in my diet year round. Well maybe not dark chocolate. I don’t think I’ve noticed any improvements in my hair since getting my diet in check after baby but I definitely feel better overall which gives me more energy for twisting. Lol.

  34. Precious McKay

    I am seriously addicted to spinach. I have to keep it stocked in my home because when I run out I am miserable. I love avocado and tomatoes too. Sometimes put them in my green smoothies. I really don’t eat too much salmon or sweet potatoes. Hopefully I will experiment more with them this year.

  35. Natasha Blevins

    I had grilled salmon, a baked sweet potato, and broccoli on my dinner date tonight. It is not as hard to eat healthy when going out. The options are actually making it a bit easier than some meals prepared at home.

  36. Daejon

    I looooove spinach. I just have to implement salmon. I guess thats why my mom hair grows crazy fast after a big chop!

  37. Jametta Alston

    It has been challenging, yet life affirming to know that natural hair requires full mental, physical, emotional and spiritual commitment of your body and self to be healthy. The hair becomes secondary to how do I treat my body

  38. El Price

    I tend to eat the 6 Fall Superfood often(the dark chocolate
    not so much) not for my hair and skin but I prefer to eat clean. I have to eat
    clean in order to run more efficiently. I had no idea that my hair and skin would
    also reap the benefits. By far my favorite of the Superfoods are Sweet Potatoes
    I normally eat grilled chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and a green veggies daily
    for lunch or dinner. I always add nuts to my salads for texture and now that I know
    Dark Chocolate is good for me…I’ll through that in as dessert. Good to know
    that I’m on the right track.

  39. Domonique Robinson Brown

    I love this list! I eat all of them, not for my hair but because we try to stick with a clean Non Gmo diet for my family… We also drink lots of water and take a multivitamin… I love that your educating ppl on healthy hair also comes from a healthy diet!

  40. latanya t

    I am so glad that I enjoy eating each of these super foods. It is so important to eat healthy and exercise. Plus, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

  41. Thali Thali

    Ladies what you eat has a direct effect on your health and hair growth. I eat all these super foods unfortunately I eat a lot of foods that aren’t that great. I always notice a difference in my skin and hair when I really fall off my healthy regiment.

  42. Lisa Arnold

    I believe I’m on the right track… this topic confirms it. Thanks for the 6 super fall foods for healthy hair. Although I adore & enjoy eating every last one of them. It’s just good to know that I’m living a healthier life. Not just for my hair, but for my mind, body & soul. And further more passing it down to my daughter to continue with her children when the time comes.

  43. Tamica Reynolds

    I love vegetables already I just can’t do dark chocolate or plain chocolate so I’ll add the walnuts that I love already.

  44. Shanea Denise

    For the past few months I’ve been adding spinach to my Peanut butter/ banana / almond milk/ cinnamon smoothie and I promise you can’t taste it. I consume all these regularly but a year ago I was vegan and I haven’t noticed any difference in the health of my hair.

  45. Tarana Brison

    I’ve been using spinach and/or kale in my smoothies for about a year now. I try to get most of the others in, with the exception of the salmon (ick), when I get a chance. Honestly, I don’t really see any difference in my hair either. The up side is that I have lost about 30 lbs since March by drinking more water and being a little more active. Yay me!!

  46. FireMama_x3

    ooo, i absolutely keep a stash of dark chocolate. i usually get organic or natural at least 70% cacao…so yummy! i mix it with nuts & natural air popped popcorn…great snack!

  47. Tierra Nesbitt

    Healthy body and healthy hair! I love everything on this list except for tomatoes. I’ve never been a fan of them but I love some spinach so now I have ever more reason to boost my spinach intake.

  48. Monee Pretty Blessed Johnson

    I try to include tomatoes and lettuce on every sandwich that i make. I was a bit surprised to see chocolate make the list; nevertheless, i am a big fan of chocolate. ?

  49. Tierra Nesbitt

    Healthy body and healthy hair! I love everything on this list except for tomatoes. I’ve never been a fan of them but I love some spinach so now I have ever more reason to boost my spinach intake.

  50. Jennetta Rose

    I eat all of these fairly regularly because I’ve adopted a clean eating regiment. Thank you for the reminders!

  51. Natosha Hardy

    As a vegan I love learning about foods that aid in great skin and of course great hair!!! As the stylist for both my daughter and I I know what a good diet and hair regimen can do for a person and it definitely makes a difference…Thanks for the tips!!! Xoxo

  52. Shannon Manning

    I’m growing into the green leafy foods because I’m on a healthy hair journey, because I want my hair to grow but most of all I want my hair healthy! Because as everyone knows healthy hair comes from within.

  53. Kayla v

    Saving this article! People think i am crazy when i say that i eat for my hair, skin, and nails lol but these foods really do help

  54. Khristina Harris

    Glad I found this article. I had no idea the way I ate affected my hair. Definitely saving this.

  55. Trice

    I love half of these foods lol. my favs are spinach and sweet potato. im actually in a hair growth challenge eating two servings of green veggies a day. so im looking forward to seeing hair growth.

  56. Melody

    I have to testify about these delicious nutritious superfoods because I have been a vegetarian for 5 ½ years now and I’ve been natural for 4 years and my hair is very strong, thick, shiny, and pretty and these superfoods have truly allowed me to experience great healthy hair and beautiful skin. Also, aside from eating these foods for your hair and skin they
    are good for you period. Cheers to eating superfoods!

  57. Judy

    I have noticed such a difference in my haor and body in general when drinking the green smoothies. I try to drink one every 3 days for now with frozen fruit and almond milk added to it. I actually eat majority of the foods on this list beside tomatoes due to my allergy and wild salmon. I am so saving this article!

  58. chicarra

    Many people don’t internalized the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Incorporating vegetables and fruits along with moderate exercise is key to obtaining gorgeous hair and skin. We can take all the supplements in the world but nothing can replace healthy eating. Know that I have children I find it very challenging getting them to eat fruits and veggies so I have been finding creative was to incorporate them into meals along with smoothies.

  59. Darlene Mrsjaylove Howard

    Everything on this list is foods I eat often. Not to mention I’m a chef so I’m always trying new ways to prepare food. Thanks Jenell his article was very very helpful. Keep them coming.

  60. Deanna Mosley

    I there a certain percentage of dark chocolate that works best? Like 85% dark chocolate or 100% dark chocolate? Or does dark chocolate in general work? I do like chocolate covered things, like raisins or strawberries, but it’s usually milk chocolate. I’ll try them with dark chocolate now!

  61. Janice Lyoness

    I eat most of these foods but not often enough. Thank you so much for this list. and yes it was already said but Lots of water wont hurt. I feel like ever since I started incorporating more fruits , veggies, and water in my diet my hair has grown so much. My skin is also doing a little better.

  62. Jean Gervais

    These are easy foods to incorporate into our diets. I use spinach in my smoothies, and I try to add it to whatever meals I am making.

  63. Shamieka Mason

    I have a bad eating habit. With this information I will try to get better at it to nourish my skin and hair.

  64. Sandra Vaughan

    Guess I need to add these to the grocery list. I eat them but not very frequently, very good to know. I’ll have to give it a try.

  65. Keela Awosika

    I’m glad chocolate was included in that! That’s my go to. But Spinach is very good and doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth

  66. Fleeta

    Great article!! I totally agree healthy body lends to healthy hair and skin. Junk in Junk out! I enjoy chocolate, walnuts and sweet potatoes.?

  67. CoilySue86

    I will kindly buy, try, and eat all of these foods. I would even look on Pinterest to see what kinds of recipes I could create with at least two or three of the foods mentioned.
    In addition, this is proof that food is not only your source of energy, but it’s also medicine. Eating many foods organic, raw or steamed is a great benefit to our hair, skin nails, and other organs. It would eliminate trips to the doctor and reduce medical expenses. I’d pay for food than a prescription.

  68. Charee Mason

    I love the article becaus I eat these super foods all the time. However, I’m willing to try new ways to incorporate all of the super foods with my teenage daughters.
    Sweet Potatoes are my favorite…..

  69. JeriGrl

    What you eat definitely makes a difference with your hair. When I first went natural, my hair grew so quickly and had a natural sheen. Because I was eating right!
    I had a poor diet for a bit and my hair really showed. I’m definitely going to bring these foods back into my diet.

  70. Brittney K Harris

    I eat everything on here. Need to eat it more often. Nothing better than beautiful skin and gorgeous healthy hair to match!!!

  71. Candi Supersweet Stressfree

    I eat spinach and tomatoes daily, in more than one meal, lol. Salmon is in the freezer. I do need to stock up on nuts. Walnuts and cashews are my two faves. I think I’ve got this list down.

  72. Ceondrea Phillips

    I had read in a book somewhere that it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables that are harvested with the season you are in. I don’t quite remember why but, it’s something I need to do. This article is perfectly timed for me because, I am going grocery shopping as soon as my husband comes home and I am well beyond bent to start eating more healthily! Thank you!

  73. Kymber Lee-Coleman

    This was very informative!! Thanks for this article!! Now I know what to eat after I cut my hair into a tapered TWA?!! My hair & skin health has become very important to me now that I see my failing because my lack of attention to it since I had my daughter a year ago ?! Whatever was quick and easy became my go to method!! But!! Now it’s time to get back in the game ?! Looking forward to trying these & reaping the benefits??!!

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